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What is a software project proposal?

by SWProposal

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In the every day business world, you are often faced with a variety of proposals, including general business, sales and marketing proposals, informal proposals, book proposals, and many more. However, if you work in the IT industry, you will most definitely encounter software project proposals. So here’s a question for you: What is the difference between software project proposals and other types of proposals?

Today we would like to discuss what distinguishes software project proposals from other types of proposals, with a special focus on the following features:


  1. Created based on budgetary requirements

Software project proposals are generated in response to the project requirements indicated by your client. Once you receive the client’s specifications, you have to analyze them carefully, evaluate all of the information and data involved, and then create a software project proposal based on your analysis and any preceding preliminary steps of proposal creation.

2. Primary purpose

The primary purpose of a software project proposal is to illustrate the software solution you are offering and to provide your potential client with detailed technical information along with financial details for the project in question.

 3. Length

A software project proposal usually includes at least 10 pages. The proposal is your opportunity to provide the client with detailed information about your solution, so do not hesitate to highlight every aspect involved.

 4. Structure and details

You may have already read our previous article about software proposal generation and correct proposal structure. If you haven’t read it yet, check it out here: As you now know, a professional software project proposal follows a specific structure, including general, technical, and financial sections.

A professional software project proposal features a very detailed technical section with detailed system architecture, break down of work scope, delivery schedule, and additional details including documents as well as communication and testing details.

In addition to the technical section, you also need to present to your customer a financial section, where budget and detailed terms and conditions are illustrated. This is also the place to add any other financial information you may deem important.

Round off your software project proposal with general information about your company, such as portfolios with relevant examples of your work, references, and contact details.

  5. The main points

It is important to know which parts of the proposal most of your attention should be focused on. Clients tend to value the following aspects the most:

  • Technical section: detailed technical analysis
    A client wants to make sure that the solution you are offering is the most effective and suitable solution for his purpose.

  • Financial section: budget calculation
    Choosing a cost-effective solution is the primary goal for almost every business. Therefore you have to offer an efficient solution at a reasonable price.


Now you know what distinguishes software project proposals from other types of proposals and which details make up software project proposals. You now also have an opportunity to implement these details and grow your client base further. To create proposals in just minutes, try out SW Proposal for free right now: