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Can There Really Only Be Three Reasons for Abortion?

by allenjenny101

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When you take the time to look at America’s abortion graph, you will find that almost 50 million legal abortions were performed from 1973 to 2008. Can you imagine? 50 million. That number is still too much even if you try to imagine fitting it to dozens of abortion clinics in Hampton Roads. However, we must also take note that that number is within the span of 35 years. But when you do the math and say, split the 50 million evenly among the 35 years, we are still left with an estimated number of 1,428,571 million per year. In 2008 alone, there were approximately 1.21 million legal abortions performed in the country. We are talking in millions here, people.

Now, why are we discussing statistics? What are we getting from this? If you think I will be preaching about the number of precious lives women have wasted throughout the years, I sorry to disappoint you, but I have something else eating the back of my mind. Millions have been aborted since 1973, and I only have this one question in mind. Are the women’s reasons for abortion all the same? You see, I found this abortion statistics and analytics page online (the same page I got those statistics I provided above), and according to it, survey results provided that there is an average of 3 reasons why women choose abortion. These reasons are (1) a baby will get in the way of their work or school, (2) they can’t afford to raise a child, (3) they don’t want to be single parents or they don’t want to go against their husbands’ decisions.

You know, what keeps bugging me is this. Of the millions that were aborted all these years, can they really just gauge the women’s reasons into three categories? I am a woman, and I know how complex a woman’s mind and reasoning can be, especially in her vulnerable state. Being pregnant is a very vulnerable situation for any woman. There are even unexplained emotions we dare not confess. Else, we want others to think we are paranoid freaks—worse, nuts. I understand that people came up with those categories to provide people with a quick reference to the statistical results. I can’t help but wonder, what if they let us access the actual answers of these women in the surveys? What kind of emotions can we find? Would antis still despise them if they knew these women’s real reasons and not just the cold facts of the survey results?

There is no way we can filter the emotions of every woman in the abortion clinics in Hampton Roads, much more in the entire country. We can only wonder and speculate, but we can never really know their feeling. Millions of abortion procedures having millions of personal, unearthed reasons. This is just one of the realizations that lead me to believe that there is indeed a cloak of mystery covering the emotions, reasons, and real intentions of women.

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