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Guidelines for the safety of kids during a school fundraiser

by anonymous

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Kids are typically part and parcel of school fundraisers ideally because whatever is sold during these events resonates with them in a big way. It is hard to imagine a fundraiser where cookies, muffins and lemonade are available for sale but with the school kids being mere onlookers. Allowing kids to sell these items is a strong way of motivating them to own and be part of the effort; it’s their school after all. Having fully participated in the execution of easy fundraiser ideas kids will appreciate the fact that it took hard work to raise the money the school required. These are life lessons that they’ll take to heart and remember into the future.

Perhaps even more important than merely having kids become salespersons for the day is the need to let them suggest ideas about what should be sold or fundraising events that can be organized to collect money. Who knows what kids can conjure up? It is possible that they will suggest fresh easy fundraiser ideas that can replace overused ones and thus reignite the motivation of bored donors to dip deeper into their coffers and pockets. Then again, no one can argue with the fact that the presence of kids will help to make fundraising events more lively and fun.

Nevertheless, amidst all the fun and glee, it should be remembered that kids are an especially vulnerable group particularly when it comes to their personal safety. Parents and teachers should thus maintain a keen eye on proceedings in order to avert any possible hazards and dangers that may result in harm to the kids.

Safety issues need to be highlighted from a practical perspective. First of all, the various school fundraiser ideas to be implemented should only be tasked to kids capable of handling them effectively. There is certainly no problem in having young kids being in charge of selling candy and chocolate bars but drinks and refreshments should only be handled by kids who are a little older lest the young ones spill everything to the ground.

Other easy fundraiser ideas involve the sale of various trinkets including key rings, wristbands, and so on. The idea here is to sell to as many people as possible and so kids are encouraged to go door-to-door in their neighborhoods. Lots of danger lurks beyond the doors of any child’s home and this cannot be ignored. Not everyone in the neighborhood is friendly – kids’ abductions and abuse are stories that are all too familiar. In this regard therefore, kids should always be accompanied by teachers or adults during such neighborhood visits. The money raised should also be carried by the adults lest kids lose it or have it snatched from them by muggers. Much caution should also observed during a school fundraiser where sales are to be made within the school compound as it is quite impossible to tell whether or not every visitor has good intentions at heart. Perhaps the best precaution would be to have the kids based in well defined areas with strict instructions not to leave these places except when summoned by teachers or their parents. This must be done in order to nullify the threat of possible abductors and kidnappers.


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