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What is a security policy?

by james002

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Information Technology Security policies are necessary to develop cost-effective secure computing practices, protect confidential or sensitive information, maintain privacy, prevent disruptions and follow regulatory requirements. A complete set of policies will provide for an over-arching security model and protect information technology assets, business applications, technology infrastructure services and information data repositories.

What is a security policy in a large organization? Its a risk management strategy. Companies rely on solid bedrock of security policies to protect and organization from internal and external threats, technology vulnerabilities and risks, and prioritizing the business preventive and detective controls and risk mitigation tactics. In different sectorsm such as healthcare, additional security policies might be needed such as a HIPAA Security Policy. 

IT Security policies ensures:

Availability: Information assets are available and usable when needed, and can resist attacks and recover from systems failures.

Confidentiality: Data is used or disclosed to only those who have the right to know.

Integrity: Data is protected against unauthorized modification or accuracy issues, completeness and validity are maintained.

Examples of policies most organization need include:

-IT Security Policy

-Acceptable Use Policy

-Password Policy

-Backup Policy

-Network Access Policy

-Incident Response Policy

-Remote Access Policy

-Virtual Private Network (VPN) Policy

-Guest Access Policy

-Wireless Policy                

-Third Party Connection Policy

-Network Security Policy

-Encryption Policy

-Confidential Data Policy

-Data Classification Policy

-Mobile Device Policy

-Retention Policy

-Outsourcing Policy

-Physical Security Policy

-Email Policy


The purpose of these Information Security policies is to provide guidance to all company employees regarding how to protect the company’s information assets in a commercially reasonable manner. These policies establish reasonable, cost effective measures that comply with the law and adequately protect information assets. A good resource for Information security policies is

compliance and it , social media policy , network security policy

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