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Hiring a Good Riverside Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer

by advinrosa

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It is important to consider a lot of things before choosing the motorcycle accident lawyer.

Almost all crashes involving motorcycles have an accident report filled out by the local law enforcement agency. The report is officially called a Crash Report. If the wreck happens in a city, then the report will be filled out by the local police department. But depending on where the crash occurred, the investigating agency might be the county police department or even the State Highway Patrol. An experienced Riverside motorcycle accidents lawyer might have handled motorcycle accident cases where no one called the police, so therefore no accident report was prepared. But that is a rarity. In a vast majority of motorcycle cases, the injuries sustained by the motorcycle rider have necessitated an ambulance being called. And when an ambulance is necessary, then a crash report must be filled out. It usually takes between two and five days before the reports are completed and made available to the public. Sometimes the reports take much longer if a death is involved or if criminal charges are expected to be filed. The crash reports can be purchased for 6.00 dollars from the investigating agency. Some police departments upload their crash reports to a web site where they can be purchased and immediately viewed or emailed to client.

There are two reasons for a crash report to be filled out. First, it serves the single platform for documenting a variety of the relevant information regarding the wreck. It lists the identities and contact info for the involved drivers, their passengers and (sometimes, but not always) the witnesses to the accident. The report documents who has proof of liability insurance and who does not. Approximately 75% of the driving population has liability insurance, which means about one-fourth of the cars and trucks the share the road with are not in compliance with the law. That is a pretty scary fact when one think about it and it serves as a great reminder to make sure client carry Uninsured Motorist protection on his or her own policy.

Other information includes such as Identification of the investigating officer (great when questions arise later); The exact location of the wreck (sometimes when client leave the scene in an ambulance, it is hard to determine exactly where the wreck occurred); Weather and lighting conditions (relevant when rain or other inclement weather contribute to causing an accident); A description of the make, model and license plate numbers of the vehicles involved. This report is very important for the Riverside motorcycle accidents lawyer in order to produce to the court.

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