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Be a Smart Computer User - Use Blade Servers

by swethar

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The computer is the most popular medium of data storage, official work, entertainment, study and commercial transactions. The system which is in such wide use must be affordable to the users as well. Users prefer a system, which is energy saving, time saver and space saver; this in turn is referred to as smart computing. Many companies have come up with several advanced technologies to give all these facilities to the common users at an affordable price. You just need to remain up to date and keep a keen look at the technological advancements going all around enjoying the boons of science and technology. Today’s story is about such a server which is smart enough to deal with all the issues that customers face in recent days.

This wonder of modern times is termed as blade servers. It is a self contained, single unit, stripped down server computer consisting of multiple blades and of modular designed fitting into an enclosure. It does not carry a power cord, network cable and fans, and hence differs much from a rack server, which is of 1U design. The main components of this server computer are one to four processors, SAN connectivity, local disk storage, memory, on-blade network interface, one to four power supplies, chassis blower and sometimes cooling devices and an Ethernet switch module as well. The small size makes it manageable; installation is easy and cheap with less requirement of manual maintenance.

Use of these servers gives you respite from using long and inflexible rack mounted servers. Moreover, these servers are more affordable when you think of bulk purchase as compared to rack mounted servers. Blade servers are considered much more flexible as you can switch components and add extra blades when required. It is a multi tasker, running multiple applications at a time, thus saving time. It is fast and efficient and hence helps to provide quick resolutions to your customers. It is a secure medium of providing resolution to the clients and customers. The small size of this server makes it a flexible system, whatever may be the data center size. It is an energy saver as it runs on fewer watts. Moreover, more than one power supply unit ensures business continuity even if one power unit fails to function. In the absence of network cables, small size helps in single point management, hence reducing administrative costs. Less people can manage more systems now.

The blade server is suitable not only for multinational organizations but also for small and medium sized organizations as these are cost effective and can give you a competitive advantage. These servers are used mainly for web hosting, cloud computing and virtualization. Thus, it is the ultimate way to be a smart user at low cost.

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