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Understanding The HCG Diet

by hcgdietdoctors

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You might have been tempted to buy HCG injections when you heard about the diet. The HCG diet is a fad going around that is also surrounded by a bit of controversy. One thing that is for certain is that you should research this diet well before starting to embark on it. If you do decide to try it out, it is recommended that you do so with the help and monitoring of a healthcare professional.

HCG weight loss injections are designed to help obese persons lose weight at a rate of nearly 1-3 pounds per day. If this sounds drastic, that’s because it is. In addition to the HCG injections, dieters monitor their calorie intake. One reason why this diet is so controversial is because some diets are known to get down to only 500 calories per day. For a comparison, the general recommended calorie intake per day even if you are dieting is 1,200. This is one reason why having the help of a healthcare professional when using HCG weight loss injections is recommended.

If you feel compelled to buy HCG injections, be sure you understand all of the risks involved. Like any other fad diet, it should be approached with caution. When used correctly and safely, it can have great results. Stay informed, be careful, and communicate with your doctor, and hopefully you, too, can experience great weight loss success.

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