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The Basics of Cloud Computing Architecture

by swethar

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The concept of cloud computing has become highly popular in the recent years. In this system, there are a large number of computers which are connected through real time communication network. The elements of the entire system are called the cloud computing architecture.

This architecture comprises of 4 major elements. These are as follows:

  • Front end platform – this particular platform consists of thin and fat clients and mobile device
  • Back end platforms – this includes servers and storage
  • Cloud based delivery system
  • Network

The front end platform of the cloud architecture includes the following:

The computers typically referred to as thin client, are used only for communication purposes and rarely for computing. They are one of the most important elements of cloud computing architecture.

Other important elements of the cloud computing architecture are the fat or thick clients. The thick client refers to the remote computer which actually performs the work.

The zero client is also known as the ultra thin client. It is the device that actually initializes the network. This is required to gather the configuration files. These files tell it where the OS binaries are stored. It is the single point of delivery. So, if this device is down, the entire cloud architecture gets down.

Understanding simply the basics of the cloud computing architecture can help you utilize this system. Of course you are going to need a reliable and efficient network to deliver the results of cloud computing.

In this connection, you can try out the Smartcloud enterprise. This is the proprietary IaaS of the IBM. The IaaS or the infrastructure as a service is a system where the entire system is virtual and physical infrastructure is eliminated as far as possible. With Smartcloud, you get to enjoy the best of cloud computing. You get secure and scalable IT infrastructure. In addition, you can utilize the virtual server and the online storage resources for your own use. This entire IaaS is powered by the six green IBM data centers which are at the highest level of technology. All the elements of cloud computing architecture are brought together in a highly efficient user interface with the Smartcloud enterprise. It can be applied to private or hybrid clouds.

The top of the line infrastructure has successfully combined with the highest levels of platform services. So, you can deploy or test any type of applications – whether they are ‘born on the cloud’ or a legacy. Not only that, put the Smartcloud technology to good use by bridging the gap between developmental and operational processes.

You can easily get an idea of the utility and cost of the Smartcloud enterprise with the Smartcloud simulator and the cost calculator.

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