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Cleaning Granite Countertops like a Professional Maid Servic

by umaidsnj1

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Granite has become a popular choice for kitchen countertops recently. The wide variety of colors with variegated patterns, streaks, blotches or spots in which it is available, makes it a stylish and popular choice among many people; apart from the fact that each of its pieces is completely unique. Also granite is much more durable compared to the other materials available for kitchen countertops making it more desirable and popular. But there are still some people who are doubtful about getting granite countertops fitted in their kitchen as they think that granite is high maintenance and they are not sure how to clean and properly maintain the stone’s surface.

But granite countertops do not really require a high maintenance treatment at all. You can very easily clean your granite countertops like a professional housekeeping services and maintain their beauty, durability and shine for years to come. Remember though, that granite is an igneous rock yet a semi-porous stone and requires to be thoroughly cleaned and properly sealed with a silicone based impregnator before it is installed, otherwise it may absorb water, grease or other liquids easily leaving a permanent stain. The sealant slows down the speed at which granite absorbs a liquid. It is also advisable to get your countertop resealed every six months to a year.

To keep the countertops clean on a daily basis, like a professional house cleaning service all you need is a simple microfiber cleaning cloth/ soft cloth or sponge, gentle liquid dish detergent, pH neutral cleaner (like rubbing alcohol) made from natural stone and water. Mix the above ingredients well (except the soft cloth or sponge of course) and remember to clean your countertop daily with water and weekly with this mixture and make sure to immediately blot and wipe up a spill if it occurs to avoid stains.

But if you miss a spill and it does become a stain, mix baking soda and a little hydrogen peroxide to some gentle liquid dish detergent to make a paste and spread it on the stain and leave it for a day or two before wiping off (use this paste for a water-based stain). If it is an oil-based stain, substitute the hydrogen peroxide with water and use the paste in the same manner. This soft, moist homemade paste is called Poultice and is used by professional housekeeping services or maids to clean stubborn stains on granite countertops often. It is also available premade in home improvement stores.

To maintain the shine of your granite countertops like a professional home cleaning service or maids, make sure that you don’t use any vinegar, ammonia, bleach or citrus-based cleaners as they are too acidic and will dull and etch the stone. Also do not use any cleaners that contain harsh or abrasive chemicals and that are not pH neutral. Avoid putting a hot pan, plate or other cookware directly on the countertop and use a trivet or a coaster to avoid scratching, scorching or burning the surface.For more visit

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