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The Knowledge of Gemstone

by anonymous

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In China, whenever people talk about the gemstone, it always give people a sense of myth. Actually, it is very close to us. More and more people will possess it. From ancient times, many natural or manmade materials are used to beset to some precious things, for example the crown of the king and some expensive jewelry. Gemstone has had an exact definition since many years ago. It means a kind a beautiful and rare mineral which was born naturally. The appearance of the gemstone jewelry decides its ornamental value to some degree. It feasts for the eyes. The rarity and the durability of gemstone influence its value. Except its ornamental value and durability, it also has some medical value.

The beauty of the gemstone not only lies on its numberless shapes, but also in the brightness of it. Gemstone includes many precious stones, such as diamond, pearls, emerald, agate, aquamarine, olivine, amethyst and so on. Each kind has its own characteristics. However, each kind is all beautiful. Diamonds are very shinning; Agate has the exaggerated patterns; Jade is slightly transparent.

The commercial value of gemstone is depended on its quality. Because of its preciousness, wholesale jewelry especially wholesale gemstone jewelry become stronger. Some people would like to buy some gemstone jewelry instead of putting the money into bank. They think saving gemstone means saving money. Gemstone jewelry not only give them a sense of safety, it also makes them charming and elegant.


Nowadays, the gemstone is made into different shapes and different styles. In China, you can wholesale fashion jewelry at anywhere. The jewelry store is here and there. Chinese people much more like all kinds of stones that were born naturally. They give different meaning to different stones. Some represents the position in society; some means purity; some give people happiness; some show their belief; some make people healthy and so on. Even different colors have different connotation. Sometimes, black means noble place, but sometimes it means evil. White means clean and honest. So there are really much knowledge about all kinds of stones. If you are interested in it, you can find many ways to learn about it. You can buy some related book. You can search the internet. You can also ask some experts of this field. Finally, you will have a clear mind about many kinds of stones.

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