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GoGetFunding Hits Record Online Fundraising Levels

by jeassonlens

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Crowdfunding website GoGetFunding recently broke its fundraising record by helping people raise over $1,000,000 within a month. What GoGetFunding are most excited about is the fact that this trend has been continually on the rise since their launch in December 2011.


GoGetFunding attribute this growth to several factors including the release of innovative fundraising features, the general rise in popularity of crowdfunding and recent acquisitions.


GoGetFunding recently acquired competitor websites 8-BitFunding and to help solidify and grow their position in the crowdfunding market.


In terms of features, GoGetFunding have been busy. To name but a few, donors can now customise several aspects of the checkout process, they have more tools to engage with donors and the site now uses PayPal embed which has shown a greater conversation rate amongst visitors.


GoGetFunding now also offer personal fundraising coaches to assist fundraisers with their campaign from start to finish. That can make all the difference when it comes to raising the money one needs.


But that's not all, GoGetFunding have much more to come. One of the most exciting features that is being built is a donation matching challenge feature. As the name suggests, when someone makes a large donation, they have the option to challenge others to match that donation within a specific time.


GoGetFunding are confident that crowdfundign will continue to grow in popularity and they're committed to helping people raise more money online.



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