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Treatments For Current Bruxism And Existing Bruxism Damage

by amandasanders

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Most patients are shocked to learn that even healthy and strong teeth are not insusceptible to dental problems. Patients who consistently clench their jaws and grind their teeth are likely suffering from worn down and cracked teeth. The Rancho Cucamonga dental office is available to treat patients with current bruxism, or who are suffering from the effects of past bruxism. Read more to learn what can be done for patients who believe that they may be suffering from bruxism, or those who have already sustained damage from dental clenching.


Dental grinding is a major cause of weakened dental enamel, which often times results in cracked and chipped teeth. If not treated, these cracks and chips become much worse and will completely break the tooth. In order to restore dental health, many patients should seek the following treatments...




-Dental Crowns


-Dental Bonding


The following treatments are available for patients who have lost teeth completely...


-Dental Implants






It’s important to visit a Dentist who will evaluate the extent of work necessary to restore the smile to its optimum condition. For patients with healthy smiles, Dr. Chang and team will move on to preventative treatments for bruxism—treatments that will help keep the teeth healthy for years to come.


Custom mouth guards, which realign poorly arranged bites, and stress management treatments that lessen muscle tension both successfully, treat bruxism. These treatments help patients avoid the pain associated with dental grinding. They also stop dental damage from unnecessary stress on the teeth. With proper treatment, patients can successfully avoid the long-term complications of dental grinding.


Dr. Chang and team with the Rancho Cucamonga dental office are available to explain the entire treatment process to patients. For patients experiencing the signs of bruxism, it is important to call today; we are here to provide the necessary treatment quickly and comfortably.

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