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A Finnish Touch: Experiencing Traditional Sauna the Finnish

by lucyeury

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Today, you can find various saunas in many parts of the world—solid proof of their global popularity. However, how do you think would they compare to those found in Finland, the country that started it all? The experience can be quite different, for sure, but the health and relaxation benefits should remain the same.

Since saunas originated in Finland and are a huge part of Finnish culture, you will find that most homes and hotels have one. A traditional sauna in Finland makes use of a basket of rocks on a stove where wood is burned. Water is thrown into the said rocks to produce steam and increase the room's humidity, causing you to feel warmer and perspire more.

Locals would recommend you to allot 60 to 90 minutes for your sauna session. It is normal for people to step out anytime the room gets too hot, and take a shower or jump into the waters. You can time out and reenter as many times as you wish, provided that you be in your best behavior at all times; in Finland, a sauna is no place for any kind of misconduct.

Most saunas found in gyms and wellness centers provide towels to cover your body with during a session. In Finland, however, you are expected to shed your clothes completely before entering the room. This nudism can be quite embarrassing at first for some people, but adapting to the country's custom is an important part of the whole Finnish sauna experience.

While a Finnish sauna can be quite an adventure for the modern traveler, most people in other parts of the world today only get the chance to be inside a modern sauna facility. For those who only want to experience the many health benefits a sauna provides, these facilities are more than enough. Indeed, a regular modern sauna session can still prove to be quite the experience for you and your body.

No matter where you in the world, saunas remain to be places for relaxation and wellness. It is important, then, to maintain that general ambiance and make the experience worthwhile for you and others. To know more about proper sauna etiquette, visit

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