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Are you buying used car ?Know your consumer rights

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If the car dealer has fully complied with the used car information act, offered no express warranties verbal or written  and has properly disclaimed any implied warranties  used cars are the only consumer product where implied warranties can be disclaimed; then the car need only to pass State inspection! If it can, and the dealer has not significantly misrepresented the condition of the car, the dealer is home free.

Buying a used vehicle

Buying a used car often represents the best value for your money but sometimes can be a risk. The State of UK has passed the used car Information act that requires all car dealers1 to provide certain warranties and to post certain information on used cars offered to deal. As a purchaser, if the dealer has not obeyed the law and refuses to repair your automobile, you may be able to force the dealer to take the car back and give you your money finance. Further, if you go to court and succeed, the  judge can also order the dealer to pay you liquidated damages according to the system. In a UK, a used car is one that has been registered with the position. If a car has never been registered, then it is now. This is why some demonstrators can meet the definition of a ―new‖car. Please note: Motorcycles are not considered cars under this law.

Immediately rejection defective used vehicle

You can immediately ―reject‖ the car i.e. , cancel the sale and demand the return of the purchase price and compensations, if any. You should do this in writing and state your reasons for rejecting the car. Mail this notice registered post, return receipt to the dealer and keep a copy for you. You should not use the car once you’ve notified the dealer. If the discovered defect is slight, then the dealer probably should have the right to repair cure  it. If the dealer cannot repair it within a reasonable time e.g., a week or two, then you still have a right to reject the car. If the defect is substantial, then usually your remedy is replacement of the car or your money back, not repair. Nor must you settle for replacement of the defective component e.g., a defective transmission if the result is you will not have full Confidence in the repaired vehicle.

To minimize your risk when buying a used car: know your legal rights as described in this article, make sure the dealer performs its legal responsibilities and prior to buy, have the car inspected by an independent mechanic to insure it will pass inspection and that the areas of the car not covered by the State inspection law are in good restore. Remember, if you put down a deposit on a used car you probably have entered into a contract to buy the automobile. If you decide not to complete the buyer, you may not be able to get back your deposit. However a dealer must disclose to you in writing its policy on returning deposits and have you sign it.

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