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The Critical Role of Automated Software Testing

by anonymous

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Once a customized software is prepared, it needs a test run, preferably, automated software testing. The process of validating and verifying this software functioning is known as the software testing. Now-a-days, the testing process is entirely automated. During this test the following points are ascertained:

• Whether the software meets the requirements as per the guidance of its design & development
• Whether the software functions correctly in all respects as per the requirement
• Whether it can be declared good enough to be implemented as prepared (without any modifications)
• Whether it satisfies the needs of the stake holders

Software testing Process
Different types of software require different process of testing at specified stages. Different types of software testing methods are available. Software testing can be intermittently executed at different stages of development. Testing methodology is devised or customized independently for every software package developed in order to encompass checking of all the features charted out as per the software development contract. In a traditional fashion, most of the software test execution is conducted after the requirements have been defined and the software coding process is completed.

Scope of software testing
It is the prevailing practice to have two different teams for software development and software testing. The scope of the software testing includes thorough examination of the software code. The functioning of the software will be automatically examined in various environments and conditions defined by the user. A report is sent after the software testing necessitating changes required, if any for the development team to carry out.

Software testing agencies
With the advanced level of automation demanded in all the fields, there are specialist agencies that do the software testing as a choice for the organizations of small, medium or large capacity, across the globe. These agencies have experienced and skilled personnel in the field of testing.

The features of a typically professional software testing services can be:
1. Speed – automation of the functional tests
2. Cost – Affordable to suit the budget
3. Test Schedule – Configuring the test execution schedule in cycle tests & under different conditions/environment
4. ‘On-line’ test results – The testing process can be viewed on line at any level enabling to assess the quality of the testing as well as the software (the defects & correction process)
5. Reports of high-level pass/fail statistics of the overall test cycles
6. Reports carrying the summary for specific test modules or test suites
7. Reports of test cases & test steps highlighting failed check points

Presence in the Web
The software test services providers host their own websites. They furnish all details including the existing customer list, projects completed, and the details of their qualified and well-trained personnel. They have a contact section for registering enquiry which is followed by fast response.

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