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How Computer Use Affects our Quality of Sleep

by wandagcurry

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Generally, we head over to school or attend to our jobs in the daytime. Hence, we can only talk with our friends after working on all our duties and responsibilities. What’s the simplest way to do this nowadays than through the social media? Gone are the days when our only choice to talk with friends (or to have fun) is to go out at night. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to help us accomplish all these. However, we do not understand that too much exposure to bright lights coming from computer, smartphone and tablet before going to bed may lose our sleep. Here's why.

We become fired up during the night.

Soon as we lay our eyes on the screen, we bring our mind to wakeful situation. As we talk with friends or simply view their pictures, we have the possibility to increase our excitement and become extremely active that even a few minutes after we decided to shut the gadget off and lie down in bed, we may find it difficult to sleep because it may generally take a several hours before our emotions go down.

We are already past our bedtime.

Because we are stuck in our computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets and any other similar gadgets, we always fail to remember it’s already past our bedtime. Soon as we made the choice to end playing online games or chatting with friends, sleeping has grown to be too impossible. Our mind continues working; it stays active even as we are already in bed. We try to close our eyes but we simply cannot help but think of the scenes in the game we played earlier or the matters that we have spoke of with friends.

We contribute to the reduced production of melatonin.

As we expose ourselves to bright light, our body cuts down the amount of melatonin it produced. Melatonin is the hormone that makes our sleep and wake routine regular. If we continue with the habit of making use of our computers and related devices before going to bed, our circadian rhythm will be interrupted; hence, we will have sleep problems.

We lessen our drive to sleep.

Natural blue light shows up at daytime. It goes away during sunset. We may not know it but computer screen likewise releases blue light. If we use this gadget at night, our brain will think that it is still daylight; hence, it results in the decrease of sleep drive. Regardless of how we toss and turn in bed, it will take several hours before we can fall to slumber.

This is not saying that we should ignore using our computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and other gizmos in the evening. We can still do so given that we restrict our time of use so we can still give or body and mind enough time to unwind before we drop off to sleep. We can would delight in having a warm bath first to recharge ourselves. We can also turn off all the lights inside our bedroom to keep our eyes to see any light.


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