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CAT Score scam: FMS Delhi, DMS-IIT, NITIE, IIT Roorkee, MDI

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Emerging facts on CAT score scam reveal that many of the 80 candidates with inflated CAT scores figure in final selection list of top B-schools like FMS-Delhi, DMS-IIT Delhi, NITIE, IIT Roorkee, FMS-BHU, MDI etc. was first to report this scam on June 24, 2013 at 11 AM. After published the report, some of the top B-schools have already initiated action. investigation confirms that many of the students are finally selected into flagship programmes of different top B-schools across the country. Most of the 80 candidates listed in the IIM notification also appeared for GD-PI from multiple top B-schools. investigated only those 80 CAT IDs which appeared in the notification released by IIMs.

Final selections at Top B-school
Official records in possession of investigative team confirm that the students with inflated CAT scores have already entered the final selection list for admission at different prestigious colleges in the country.
While Poulami Das (SR8632357) was offered admission at IIT Roorkee, another candidate Debmala Roy (SR8633879) figured in the final admission list of FMS Delhi. Shimul Jaitly (SR8265584) with a CAT percentile of 99.48, was waitlisted for admission in FMS-Delhi.
Pankaj Choudhary (SR8251621) got GD/PI calls from DMS-IIT Delhi and NITIE. He figured in the final selection list of both the institutes.

Puneet Nanda (SR8598529) received GD/PI call from FMS Delhi, DMS-IIT Delhi and NITIE. He however appeared in the final selection list on NITIE only. Deepak Pinninty (SR8246760) appeared for FMS Delhi and NITIE. He figures in the final selection list of NITIE.
Agrawal Samyukt Prakash (SR8274032) and Anupam Rana (SR8413522) figure in the final admission list of MDI Gurgaon,Sakshi Srivastava (SR8280667) and Richa Agarwal (SR8251579) also got admission offer from FMS. Though Satya Sarath Chandra (SR8284189) could not covert his GD/PI call from DMS-IIT, he got final admission offer from FMS Delhi.

Chandan Sharma (SR8426695) and Rohit Sonkusre (SR8278627) were offered admission at NITIE, Mumbai.

Deepak Tamak (SR8240363) and Deepak Pinninty (SR8246760) both received GD/PI calls from NITIE & FMS Delhi. However, both of them converted their respective call to NITIE and figured in their final admission list.

Ratika Srivastava (SR8298075) with a CAT percentile of 97.70, topped Lucknow University merit list with an overall second rank.
The current status of these candidates, however, is still under investigation.

GD/PI offers galore from Top B-schools

Anupama Rana (SR8413522) was the one of the luckiest as he was entertained for GD/PI by many top B-schools including DMS-IIT Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, and IIT Roorkee. He, however, converted his call from MDI Gurgaon.

One of the candidates with inflated scores even topped the shortlist for GD/PI. Official Records says that Ahmed Ashahar (SR8511840) with a CAT percentile of 98.05 topped the merit shortlist for GD/PI at Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, a top B-school in the region.

Similarly, DMS-IIT Delhi sent GD/PI calls to many such candidates including Tunisha Anand (SR8529094) and Mohit Singal (CAT ID-SR8615915).

Rohit Sonkusre (SR8278627) appeared for GD/PI at two top institutes NITIE and DMS-IIT. He converted his call from NITIE.

Rahul Dabas (SR8224413) was, however, unlucky as he could not get final admission offer despite getting entertained at GD/PI stage by FMS-Delhi and DMS-IIT.

Similar was the fate of another candidate Vasundhara Chauhan (SR8409185) who received GD/PI calls on the basis of her inflated scores from DMS-IIT Delhi and FMS Delhi. Satish Appu (SR8286939) also could not convert any of his GD/PI call from DMS-IIT & NITIE.

Prakhar Jajoo (SR8298861) despite appearing in GD/PI of NITIE and DMS IIT Delhi could not make it to the final list of any of the two prestigious B-schools.

Ankit Shekhar (SR8329671) appeared for GD-PI at IIFM Bhopal and DMS IIT Delhi. He, however, did not figure in the final section list of any of the two institutes.

Vishal Choudhary (SR8603818) also appeared at GD/PI of two top B-schools DMS-IIT Delhi and NITIE. He, however, could not get into the final selection list of any of the two B-schools.

Amit Sharma (SR8612160) despite calls from multiple B-schools like FMS Delhi and NITIE could not make it to any of these B-schools.

Sumit Mukherjee (SR8232804) received GD/PI call from FMS-BHU (Faculty of Management Studies, Banaras Hindu University). He, however, did not figure into any final selection list available with

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