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Don’t just buy laptop, buy innovation

by anonymous

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In 1981, Adam Osborne invented a machine that became a replacement for desktops all around the world. This machine was named as ‘Osborne 1’and was priced at $1795. With time there were many modifications done to the machine and it came to be known as a laptop. There are various forms of laptops available in the market today:

  1. Full size laptop: Any device which is at least 11inches in size with a full keyboard i.e. a minimum QWERTY key layout which is 13.5 keys across.
  2. Netbook: It’s usually smaller than a full size laptop and doesn’t have an internal optical drive.
  3. Tablet PC: The highlight of a tablet is that it is touchscreen. The screen of the tablet can be detached from the keyboard.
  4. Ultra mobile PC (UMPC): They are slighter than subnotebooks with a TFT display measuring up to 12.5 cm to 17.8 cm diagonally. It’s similar to a tablet PC as it’s operated with a touchscreen or a stylus.

 In today’s world the significance of owning a laptop has increased immensely. For businessmen who are always travelling from one place to another it becomes convenient to store their data on a portable device from which they can readily access information. The benefits extended to students are vast; a student no longer needs to make numerous trips to libraries he/she can access data directly from their laptop, be in touch with their classmates and professors, research on the projects assigned to them and many other advantages are available to a student if he/she decide to buy laptop. However just owning the device is not sufficient; with progression in technology buyers should carefully examine the latest trends and innovation when they buy laptop from the seller. Some of the revolutionary laptops are:

  • Asus Dual screen laptop:  The keyboard of the dual screen laptop is replaced by an extra touchscreen which makes it resemble a handheld book.
  • OLPC XO-2 (One laptop per child): This device is priced at $100. It is half the size of current XO pcs and has a software based touch sensitive keyboard.
  • Asus Eee keyboard: A built in 5 inch touchscreen is provided alongside the keyboard which is a fully functioning netbook. This reduces the extra burden of carrying a laptop screen in addition to the keyboard.
  • Celio Redfly:  The Company defines RedFly as "the world's first and only smartphone terminal". A readable 800X480 pixel screen is provided to the users with a usable QWERTY keyboard.

Don’t just buy laptop, buy innovation. There are hundreds of laptops to choose from, buy laptop that suits your needs, requirements and trends.


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