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Affordable Spa Packages.

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Bvi is a best location to add fun and adventure to your trip and to make your vacations unforgettable. You will get lodges which are perfect for couples, small group and corporate threats and you will always welcomed in the paradise and in the heart of British Virgin Island.

Luxurious suites, private hilltop location, exceptional relaxation facilities ensure the restful and relaxing stay. You will enjoy with your loved ones as the spa is also given in private suites and you will never imagine that all these facilities you will get at affordable prices. You will get packages by which you can enjoy all the staying and spa sessions in one package which will be very good and cheap.

Pearl facial –

Indian skin is very different, its needs and requirements are very different and long time exposure to sun, pollution makes it tannic, spotted which will add dullness to your beauty.  There are many problems which are faced by women and in that case to remove dullness and to add beauty you should take pearl facial.

Pearl facials kona was used over 1000 years ago and you will get best way to relax your skin and to add glow to your face. Pearl products consist of the pearl powder that will influence the natural surface of the skin and filter the sun rays so that it will not reach the skin. Pearl also consists of powerful nutritive elements like amino acid, minerals and proteins. It strengthens the skin and improves its moisture taking capability and this facial also gives better skin toning in the skin.

Procedure –

In this facial firstly the face is cleansed and facial is customized according to your skin type as your skin may be oily or dry, so according to that you will get best way to relax yourself. Then the suitable pearl mask is applied to the face and it lets to dry and after that face is rubbed gently with circular movements and washes off. This will also extract blackheads and it will light the dark circles below the eyes. Pearl mask is applied on the face and neck and mask are dried and washed off.

Pearl facial will tone your skin and removes dead skin by which your skin will glow a lot and it will add more and fresher in the skin. You will get best way to relax and get maximum skin benefits with this facial and it will add more fun to your trip. Affordable spa bvi will add more fun as you will get so many things in one package only. You will never get that much discount on the packages anywhere as compared to Bi. You will get breakfast, lunch, dinner along with massage sessions and small parts together in one package. You will get best staying facilities and massage and spa sessions according to your needs. 

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