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Local Customs you should know in Hangzhou

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1. Prosperous city

When I first started to explore Hangzhou, I was quite gobsmacked by how prosperous the city was. Just down the road from where I was staying were showrooms for Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls Royce and top-end designer shops such as Versace and Armani. It seems that Hangzhou has some money on its streets, in fact I saw a Ferrari and Rolls Royce being driven around.


In 2006, the “China Grand Canal Museum” was built in Hangzhou, popular destination for China tour deals. The museum is located on the Canal Culture Square, Gong Shu District, against the old bridge “Gong Chen Bridge”. The history, using, current situation and heritage of the canal are introduced in the museum. After visiting the museum you will get a complete understand about the Grand Canal.


There are two paths along the two riverside of the canal closely. You can walk on the path through the north area of Hangzhou city till town center-Wu Lin Square. If you feel a little tired you can have a rest on these benchs. You can enjoy green color and water wave leisurely. Weeping willows like the veils and the river- a quiet girl. When springtime comes winter jasmine blossom out everywhere. Traveler will sink into the sea of flower happily. In the dusk the light of the setting sun is golden. Golden wave flashed on surface of the water. People often set on waterside to enjoy the fine view.


Do you know the longest canal in the world? tell you about a brilliant section - the grand canal Hangzhou section The Grand Canal of China also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is the longest ancient canal or artificial river in the world. It passes through the cities of Beijing (must-see tourist city for top 10 China tours) and Tianjin and the provinces of Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, to the end: Hangzhou of Zhejiang. This brilliant river flow through the city center of Hangzhou. You can see the Canal clearly from "Air view photo".

I live closely beside this canal in Hangzhou. Every morning I can see driving boat on the river through my window. In the evening I often walking along the shore of canal. I like this rever and I would like to introduce it to you, gradually and continuously.

5. Tea House

Hangzhou people don't like coffee shop or bar too much. (that might explains the bars mostly are all sucked) Their favourite is teahouse. The price depends on which tea you order, i paid 58 for one cup dragonwell tea, it comes with all the snacks and fruits. Plus, the waitress will fill water for you frequently.. So not too bad..

There are many tea houses around the lake, in Heng Fang pedestrian street. Shu Guang Rd is also known as the Tea streets.. Nice tea house to have a rest after tired but popular China travel package..

6. Do as the locals: Have a cuppa!

Whatever you do, when in Hangzhou you have to try one of the teahouses around the lake. Regardless of the time of year, this is one of my absolute favourite things to do.

Order a pot of tea (refills of water are included), some snacks and sit and enjoy for hours, either your company, your view of the lake or a book or magazine you brought along. The great thing about teahouses in China is that you are allowed to linger for as long as you want, to savour the tea, the moment and the atmosphere. No need to feel pressured to order some more so you can stay longer, here you can spend the whole afternoon with the same pot of tea leaves and good company.

There are lots of teahouses around the west lake, just pop into one and try your luck. Some have menus in English and/or pictures. My favourite is the Chatea by the Golden Buffalo (Nanshan Road).

7. Longjing Tea

Long Jing, or Dragon's Well, tea is among the most expensive teas in the world and only grows in a very small area to the west of Hangzhou city. The prime time for harvesting Longjing tea bushes is from early April to October, when the hand-picking process starts. The leaves will be hand-picked three or four times per month from each bush during that period, with each picker able to pick around half a kilogramme of fresh leaves daily. The best tea is said to come from the leaves picked in early April, at the very beginning of the season. That half a kilogramme of fresh leaves will create around 100 grammes of finished tea leaves after the leaves have been dried.

Long Jing tea is available everywhere in Hangzhou, but it may be best to buy from a reputable shop or dealer, as it may be a lot of money to pay fro crushed up Liptons!

You can consider the above-mentioned included in your China vacation packages.

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