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I Am Not Able To Get Erect During Sex With My Girlfriend

by jerameysmith

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Do you know of any men that are not able to get erect? Are you not able to get erect? Do you know the main reason why everyone thinks they are the only ones that suffer from this problem? Lack of communication. Yes, reports have shown that more than 40% of men in this world suffer from erectile dysfunction. Any of your male friends could suffer from this problem and you wouldn't even know it. The only person you cannot hide from is your sexual partner. When you are not able to get erect in the bedroom, they will immediately know something is wrong. When fighting such conditions it is very important for you to have support from friends and family. 

Many sexual problems often lead to tension in a relationship and in many cases women may turn to others to satisfy their sexual needs. If you are not able to get erect once in a while due to stress or tension, it is understandable and even your sexual partner will most likely forgive you for it. But, if it becomes a common occurrence in the bedroom you will need to take it more seriously. 

So what are your options? You could go for artificial supplements. But, most artificial supplements have harmful side effects. If there was a safer alternate, would you consider it? Well, your prayers have been answered. You can try natural supplements which are just as effective as any artificial supplements and are 100% safe to use. You don't have to worry about side effects with supplements like Bluze capsules. You could even consider herbal treatments like massages with mast mood oil for treating your erectile deficiencies. These oils too are safe to use and have no side effects.

Apart from herbal supplements and treatments it is important for you to make the appropriate changes in your lifestyle as well. Obesity and diabetes are leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Getting your weight under control and eating the right food can help cure ED in a matter of weeks. Having the right combination of fresh fruits and vegetables is very important for any person trying to lose weight. It can also help cure ED. Poor blood circulation is another major cause of poor erections. Improving the flow of blood in your penile area is a great way of improving sexual performance and stamina. Why would you go for harmful artificial supplements when you can fix the problem naturally? Just go for walks or cycle. That is enough to improve blood circulation in your penile area.

One more thing for you to remember is that performing in the bedroom requires energy. If your body lacks energy, chances are you will not perform satisfactorily. Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy for the body and if a meal filled with carbohydrates is consumed a few hours before a sexual encounter, you will find yourself performing at levels you didn't think possible.

Remember, just because you are not able to get erect doesn't mean you’re sexual life is over. There is always a solution just around the corner.

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