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3 Reasons Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Essential

by oscarseo

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Our vehicles are important to us. We need them to get back and forth from work, school, grocery shopping and other daily activities. Every car owner knows that keeping their vehicle working properly is essential. However, the more we use our vehicles the more likely they will need repairs. Constant driving of our vehicles will no doubt cause the need for repairs. There are 3 Reasons Regular Vehicle Maintenance is Essential.

Follow these simple tips to keep your vehicle running properly and to keep from losing money by paying high cost of auto repairs in the long run.

Oil Change

Changing the oil in your vehicle is very important. Oil in a vehicle is like water and food to our body. Clean and a constant flow of oil keeps the vehicle running. Oil helps the vehicle perform to its highest level. Dirt and other particles cause the oil to become dirty, which can cause the vehicle to run poorly.

Most new vehicles need an oil change every three months. Older vehicles will need an oil change every six months or so. Make sure you have consistent oil changes. If you change the oil yourself, be sure you empty all the old oil out and replace it with the correct oil type.


Be sure the brake fluid, transmission fluid, and engine coolant is flushed on a regularly basis in order to give your car clean fluid. Dirt and particles build up in your fluids from constant driving. The vehicle’s fluids need to be replaced in order to keep the vehicle parts running smoothly and at their best performance.


The engine is a very delicate part of the vehicle, and requires many integral parts to make it work properly. Many things can cause engine problems – heavy driving, not driving the vehicle enough or letting it sit for weeks, weather extremes, and extreme acceleration just to name a few. Using the wrong auto parts can also cause engine problems. Using the wrong oil, fluids, and even gas will cause engine problems.

Pay attention

Be sure to pay attention to lights and warnings from your car. Vehicles will have warning lights flash on when a part of the vehicle needs attention. Be sure to take care of that issue promptly to avoid costly repairs. Listen for unusual sounds and smells. These could be warning signals that something needs attention.

Repair shop

Make sure you take your vehicle to a reliable and experiences service technician.

Driving habits

Don’t drive your vehicle too fast or rough. This only accelerates the need for repairs.

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