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List of Services of Advertising Agencies is Endless

by harkesh

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The task of any advertising agency is to create awareness about the products and the services that the client is offering. They have multiple resources to use in this pursuit, which mainly includes television, multimedia, radio, mobile, billboards and the Internet. The sector of advertising agency Wales is slowly getting due recognition because of the transformations; their services have brought to the businesses. Now an advertising agency Wales is capable of catering in numerous ways. Generally, there are three kinds of advertising agencies present in Wales. They are

• Generalized agencies

• Specialist agencies

• In-house agencies

The UK based companies have their own preferences in selecting the advertising agency. Some prefer to hire a generalized advertising agency Wales whereas some prefer companies that offer specialist services. All the advertising agencies based in Wales have years of experience and skills to apply in the field of advertising. In an advertising agency is offering generalized services, it will deal with all the advertising needs of the business. It will render services to take care of creative designing, strategic planning and then implementing those strategies effectively over the Internet and other mediums.

For advertising agencies rendering specialized services, it all depends on the name. If you are from some specialized field then hiring a specialized advertising agency Wales is praiseworthy. Suppose, your business is from biotechnology field, then you will surely look for an advertising agency Wales that has in-depth knowledge and experience of the biotechnology field. An advertising agency having an experience in biotechnology will have a different approach and the advertising process to apply in your business. The in-house advertising is a different thing altogether. In in-house advertising, a company has its own advertising department to take care of the company's advertising needs.

However, keeping an in-house advertising department is a costly and time-consuming affair hence, businesses opt to hire an advertising agency Wales. Apart from advertising agencies, businesses also look for Internet marketing agencies and SEO companies because both have the skills to promote a business. The difference is that these companies do online promotion through websites to spread brand consciousness and attract customers. Few Advertising agencies from Wales are rendering both Internet marketing services and SEO services as well. This means they are able to help their clients in three different ways. Here is a brief list of services offered by an advertising agency Wales in all the three service sectors.

Advertising and Branding

• Marketing research

• Strategy development

• Corporate branding

• Advertising campaigns

• Print and magazine ad layout

• Billboard design

• Capabilities brochures

• Direct mail (database marketing)

• Product brochures

• Product launch

Internet Marketing, SEO and SEM

• Social and Interactive Marketing

• Keyword and key phrase research

• SEO copywriting

• Pay Per Click marketing

• SEO strategy development

Public Relations and Promotions

• Press release campaign

• Media relations

• Event planning and Event promotions

Audio and Video Editing and Production

• Audio production and editing

• Video editing

• Video production


• Brochures

• Books

• Posters

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