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5 Top Document Utility in New Office

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Microsoft has recently launched its new version of Office, the Office 2013. There are added features and functionality related to documents, formatting, ease of navigation and much more that makes it easy to use. Additionally, the menu functionality is organized and the whole look is de-cluttered. This gives ease of navigation and turning on any relative functionality.  Let us have a look at the 5 top document utility in new office.

PDF Document Editing

Earlier you could create a PDF file and even convert or save a Word document into PDF format. However, there was still no option to edit the document without having to convert it first into editable format like DOCX or Doc. The Word 2013 gives you the option to edit PDF files; you also have an option to save them in PDF or DOCX format. You can open this file format in Word; the file will retain its PDF format. Now you can just open a PDF file and edit it directly without having to convert it in a Word file.

Task Panes Formatting

Working in Power Point is easy with added functionality of formatting the Task Panes. Now you can easily make changes in the Task Panes including shapes, images and other objects that you insert in your presentation. In the format pain right click on the image> Format Picture, this launches new Format Picture pane with formatting options. For any object that require formatting in Task Panes just right-click on the object and check out the options of formatting for that specific object. This is what gives you an easy formatting functionality.

Easier Chart Functionality

We often use Chart functionality to highlight data specific information in our presentation or to create graphical reports. However, with numerous options in Charts it seems confusing. The new Office has made it all easy. Now you can easily incorporate your data into Charts, Select data (to be inserted in chart)>Recommended Chart> Click Chart to preview> Select Chart, this will reveal icons for formatting like styles, elements and colors. Remember that when you click Recommended Chart it will reveal various styles like pie, bar, line and the way data will be accommodated within each style. The preview Chart functionality will reveal how your chosen Chart will look after selecting a specific style.

Added Graphics Options

Now adding graphics and objects is easy with Office 2013. Working with Excel, Publisher, Word and Outlook is easy when it comes to inserting pictures from a local source or from online options. The introduction of insert ribbon is what makes the functionality of adding graphics easy. For example, you choose the online options like online Clipart, inserting images via search like Bing or from other sources like Flicker or SkyDrive.


Apart from the above-mentioned document utility, you will also be able to find easy account login that connects you to other social media services.

Easy Account Login

The Office 2013 includes a functionality of Backstage View via File tab along with Account tab (Outlook). The advantage of including this functionality is that you can directly log into your account of SkyDrive and even switch accounts. This also connects you to other social media services including Facebook, LiknedIn and Twitter. You will be easily able to access SkyDrive for online activities including documentation and sharing. You can fetch the latest information on your documents via Office Updates.


For all the above-mentioned reasons you will find Office 2013 a user-friendly office version to work with. Each office related functionality including documents, formatting and online login are now relatively easier to work with and access without any time consumption.


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