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Some unique qualities about men clothing jackets

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You must have heard of Rick Owens, the designer who has been grabbing spotlight all over the world. His collections can really touch on various genres- they can be grungy, they can be sexy, they can be stylish, and they can be feminine! With a potpourri of traits which he so easily injects into his designs, it is easy to understand that he has carved out a mammoth following for himself. He designs for both women and men. Rick Owens men collections are always under the eye of all the youthful men of today! With an eclectic variety of themes and colors, his grungy jackets can get sold off in just a jiffy. He also designs for the fairer sex. And his popularity can be gauged from the fact that even his high-priced outfits fly off the shelf in a very short time.

One of his most notable presentations is the male jacket. Men clothing jackets by Owens has won him admiration from people from all spheres of life. His jackets stand out from those by other designers. Instead of throwing those simple and universally known garments in front of us, he gives us something so different that it is hard to stifle the temptation which they conjure.

Some major qualities of these jackets have been summed up below:

  1. Grunginess: Rick Owens is usually defined as a designer who has combined glamour with grunginess. This quality of his design is easily discernible in his men clothing jackets. These jackets have that unkempt, unclean and rough look. They bring out the masculinity from you in an exceptionally great manner. Most jackets which are found elsewhere are simple in looks and ordinary in designs. By offering a grungy theme, Owens brings something endearingly new to the table.
  2. Feminism: Yes, you heard it right! Owens is the man who made a man wear like a woman, feel like a woman and look like a woman. His collections have often dabbled in sensuality. Thus, some of his designs seem to have imbued a trait which reflects femininity. However, you must not run away with the notion that wearing such jackets would make you look like a girl or a gay! On the contrary, these jackets just tone down your overt masculine persona and incorporate a bit of softness into your appearance. Other than the jacket, even other Rick Owens men collections often integrate feminism.
  3. Post-modern look: The jackets by Owens are neither modern nor classy! They can be aptly described as ‘post modern’! They seem to be far ahead of their time; they are really special and have erased the line of demarcation between men and women in a large way. With combined elements of grunginess and femininity, these outfits have made the impossible look possible. Men clothing jackets never looked as desirable as they do when you are browsing through an Owens collection. Plus, they are way cheaper than they deserve to be! The theme and the concept are just unworldly in every sense of the word!


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