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Becoming a Better You

by anonymous

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Why am I unhappy?

People throughout the world preoccupy their time and energy with self-improvement. However, many remain unaware of the intrinsic, accessible resources available within the scope of their own faculties.

As you navigate through this sometimes confusing labyrinth of life, you may occasionally bury your sense of scarcity or inferiority in lavish homes and cars, makeup, designer clothes, a career, or ever status. However, such commodities merely offer ephemeral, external comforts that dwindle over time.

Indulging only in the physical world will merely reap physical, mediocre benefits limited to this particular realm of time and space. Yet, through specific meditation practices, you can easily manipulate the fluid currents of this physical world, and simultaneously ascend to heightened spiritual states.

I must emphasize that you cannot achieve enlightenment by means of physical indulgence. However, you’re enlightened, higher self connection can give rise to abounding knowledgeable, resources, physical commodities, happiness and more. The invisible (field of energy, feeling in your heart) give rise to the visible. Some religious teachers ascribe this as the concept of Faith, but it has many approaches and interpretations. It takes a supremely spiritual state of mind to anticipate physical changes by means of your heart, spirit.

In spite of this inescapable truth, many wallow in primitive states of being, dominated by materialism, ungratefulness, bitterness, all of which give rise to lack, scarcity, etc. When you centralize your focus on what you do not have, you merely attract more lack and more scarcity. However, when you can gaze at yourself in the mirror, and feel replete, complete, and grateful, content, preoccupied with abundance, and focused merely on improving your state of being and interconnectedness with the divine source, you attract all that your heart desires. Abundance is attracted to those who feel complete with or without material things.

How do I improve my life?

Improving your life is an inward journey. This begins with higher self meditation, which entails introspection, activating the energy field around you, manipulating the fabric of space and time, accessing the creative power of your heart, and succumbing to the infinite abundance of the universe.

In order to fully reap the benefits of such meditation, you must cultivate a love for all living things, rich or poor, insect or human. You cannot erect a discriminatory barrier if you wish to attract abundance and goodness into your life by means of meditation.

This is a very specific type of meditation, and there are variations of it, including higher self healing meditation. To learn more about MerKaBa meditation, a holistic self help teacher may be of great assistance to you.

Remember, if you desire more things in your life; do not pursue material desires directly. Direct your focus to a healthy mind, body, spirit connection, and you will attract all that you desire.

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