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Ways to Manage Sensitive Information

by rubybadcoe

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Almost every person who's watched James Bond or Mission Impossible wanted to be a spy at some point. Espionage simply looks exciting and glamorous: sneaking around, using fancy gadgets to recover confidential documents, and getting the girl in the end. Real life, though, is not as thrilling; as most are stuck behind a desk the whole day, the possibility for action is low. However, some people do handle sensitive information daily.

Shrugging off childlike fantasies, there's real-life danger to mishandling important data, especially in a city like Los Angeles. Bank records, security footages, and company details are a few examples of “sensitive data”, records you don't want to lose or land in the wrong hands. From professional Los Angeles document shredding to online storage, there are a few ways to manage records safely.

Tape Storage

Digital media is the standard today, with 93 percent of records stored in this format. However, one big fire or long drop can ruin your data in an instant, while dust and UV rays can contribute to your media's long-term deterioration. If you're going to keep important data safe in these media, you should consider investing in a a special vault for this purpose.

Online Backup

They say that whatever you post on the Internet will be there forever; so far, that's been pretty accurate. It's no surprise that companies and businesses back up their data online. The dangers include security risks such as hacking and viruses; if you're not careful, it's not hard for someone to steal or destroy your records.

Paper Shredding

Speaking of destroying records, there are cases when information is simply too confidential to just throw in the trash. There are many Los Angeles document shredding companies with the right equipment for the job because shredding happens very often. If you've learned anything from spy movies, it's that you should never trust the garbageman, so don't take any chances.

You may not live the spy life, but you can use your movie knowhow in preventing real-life disasters. Information is a powerful tool; in the wrong hands, it can really be catastrophic. More information on records management can be found at

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