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Pitfalls to Avoid in Executing LA Data Recovery Operations

by rubybadcoe

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Disasters, man-made or natural, can strike anytime, anywhere. A great deal of foresight on your part, such as implementing operational continuity programs with help from LA data recovery specialists, will do wonders for your business. However, Mr. Murphy can still rear his ugly head and wreak havoc even with an immaculately-designed disaster recovery plan. There are too many things that can go wrong; Hurricane Sandy gave business owners in the Northeast several hard lectures on preparation.

The first thing to take heed in designing a disaster recovery plan is to look after the employees, as there's a possibility they've also been affected by the disaster. In that case, the company may need to get in touch with the construction industry to help the employees rebuild their homes. The plan must also identify the essential employees for the critical hours after the disaster; an extensive plan will address this issue and form a backup team.

The flow of communication will have to be across the board and affect all levels of the organization. Everybody must know their respective roles and fulfill the roles of others in case some are nowhere to be found or unavailable at this time. They'll also have to be trained beforehand so that they'll know what to do when the inevitable hits.

If there's one lesson businesses learned from Sandy, it's the fact that even the best-laid plans go awry; companies with no backup plans can be paralyzed. Experts say there are assumptions that everything will go back to normal within 48 hours or less. A company's recovery blueprint may need to be revised into special versions that cover short-to-long-term effects and test them several times.

Sometimes, one alternate site may not be enough; what if that place was affected, too? A good disaster recovery operation will recommend picking out two backup locations. A rule of thumb may be to look for the first alternate site not far from the business' prime location and the second slightly further away but still within easy travel.

When a disaster can wipe out everything you've worked hard for, it's prudent to think well ahead. An LA data recovery company will guide through the most effective solutions. To learn more, read on at

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