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Reason to Stick to Document Shredding in Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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You probably know that's it's illegal to burn garbage in Los Angeles without a permit, which is why the shredder beats a box of matches by a long shot. You can actually be fined from $5,000 to $100,000 for every day you burn trash (up to $250,000 if it causes injuries or death). Disregard of this ruling may lead to disastrous consequences.

Accidents can happen at any place and at any time, but you increase your chances of getting into trouble once you start playing with fire. Fire damage can be a nightmare in itself, but what more when there's a loss of life involved? Los Angeles document shredding service providers recommend that you err on the side of caution and take the safer alternative rather than risk your life over a pile of burning papers.

Apart from putting your life and that of your neighbors on the line, burning also contributes to air pollution. The need to destroy files bearing sensitive and confidential information is understandable, but there are safer ways to do it. Burning your documents to an unreadable pile of soot is not worth the risk to your life and property.

Identity theft can easily be curbed by disposing sensitive papers the right way. Document shredding in Los Angeles makes sure your documents cannot be put together or read by anyone. The documents that have been reduced to shreds will not go to the bin; instead, they will be brought to a paper mill where they will be reprocessed into fresh paper.

If you really can't afford a shredding service, the next best thing is to tear the files to unrecognizable pieces. You only need a pair of scissors or your bare hands to do this. The burning garbage prohibition is there for a reason, so it's best to look for alternative ways like shredding to carry out proper document disposal.

You can check out the Department of Public Works of Los Angeles County at for sanctions against trash burning. Remember that rules exist for a reason. In this case, the reason is to keep you safe.

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