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What to Avoid in Content Writing Services

by jonathangordon

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When you turn to content writing services for your article writing, you expect to find writers who know what they are doing to help you achieve higher rankings in the search engines. Every company you talk to is going to make promises on what they can offer, leaving it up to you to determine which company is telling the truth and can help you best. Knowing what to avoid when hiring SEO writers will ensure you are working with a quality company.

Link Building Schemes

Link building is an essential aspect of your content marketing, but it is also a delicate operation. You want high-quality links that will give you a good reputation with the search engines. In this situation, quality is definitely better than quantity. It is important to avoid any content writing services that avoid answering your questions about their link building practices or one that claims they will be able to produce hundreds or thousands of links quickly.

Ownership Issues

The SEO writers who create your content are selling their work to you so you can do as you wish with it. Because you are paying for the work, you should legally be the owner of that content. However, some shady content writing services will claim ownership of the content, especially when you stop using their services. If you have given them access to your log-in information, the content can disappear. Make sure you read any contract carefully to ensure you are the owner of any content you receive.


Companies love to offer guarantees to make their services look like the best option. While it isn’t harmful to offer money back if you aren’t happy with the outcome, no content writing services should guarantee specific results or claim to help you achieve those results quickly. With the sensitivity of SEO practices, a company can’t make promises on traffic or increases in sales for your site.

Choosing to hire content writing services to provide you with the article writing you need can be a huge relief. You will obtain the content you require without having to expend the time and effort to do it yourself. When you are looking for the right company with which to work, make sure you discuss the link building process, ask about who will own the final content and evaluate any guarantees so you can make the right choice.

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