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LED Candle Golf Series: A Latest Gift Of Technology

by Ledgreenland

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The world of LED Lights is having many new additions with the time. The latest one is the LED Candle Golf Series.

Technology has gifted us so much till date and is still giving us many new surprises. One of the latest inventions of technology is the energy saver lights or let us say, the new series of LED Lights. These lighting bulbs have the best hand in making our households and workplaces eco-friendly along with proving most cost effective for our electricity bills too.

Do you know that the Government has put a ban on 75w bulbs? Yes, it’s true and there are several reasons why are these being faded out so quickly.

It has been well known by people today that the normal incandescent light bulbs are highly inefficient. They have capabilities to convert only 95% of the energy into light and waste the rest. But with the help of the new energy lighting bulbs, it has become very easy now to reduce the domestic energy consumption by almost 60 percent. Yes, these are the most energy efficient forms of lighting which do not use any filament to produce light. They consume very less of energy, which eventually produces very low cost to your households and their budgets.

These energy lightings are available in different types such as LED lights, energy-saving halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. LED lights are the energy efficient lightings that do not contain any filament. They produce light directly from the electricity thereby lowering the energy cost to the maximum. These are very durable, eco-friendly and longer lasting as compared to the others. Energy-saving halogen bulbs are also known as energy efficient lightings. These contain a filament but they produce more light with very low energy cost. Third are compact fluorescent lamps, which also do not utilize any filament for lighting up. They work on the series of the chemical reactions that takes place within their fluorescent tube.

The newest addition to the series of these lights is LED Candle Golf Series, which is proving itself to be the most uniquely designed lightings. These are not only stylish for interior use but also add lowest costs to the electricity bills. These are very efficient at replacing 25 watt incandescent lights and are available with dimmable feature. In short, you can now get served with the perfect energy saving LED Golf Series, which is absolutely ideal to be fixed at wall sconces, chandeliers and similar other E14 fixtures. These are immensely long lasting with their powerful life span of 25000 hours. They can last up to 40 times longer as compared to the normal lightings and also they consume 80 percent lesser energy than the incandescent lights.

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