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What are the requisites for BULK SMS and BULK EMAIL?

by tdimobilead

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In this article, the concepts about BULK SMS & BULK EMAIL along with their requisites are briefly discussed.

What is BULK SMS?

BULK SMS  is one of the common forms of mobile advertising. BULK SMS campaigns use particular software to deploy the promotion activity. Through BULK SMS campaigns, mobile advertisers target a wide range of customers for brand promotion. The number of customers who are targeted for BULK SMS campaigns range from 1 to 50,000 and mobile advertisers can send upto 20 lakhs SMS (s) per day.

Requisites of BULK SMS

-          Requires software (s) to carry out the advertising campaign- For any BULK SMS campaign, advertisers require particular software (s) which enable them to send numerous SMS one at the same time to different customers. Time saving as well as effort saving, BULK SMS campaigns are also affordable for average advertisers.

-          Embedded with internet media to launch the campaign. Most of the BULK SMS campaigns are launched with the help of internet. Though BULK SMS campaign can also be launched through GSM or Windows based mobile phones, most of the BULK SMS advertisers launch BULK SMS promotion campaigns through internet. For this, a mobile advertiser has to register on various BULK SMS enabled websites and deploy his campaign through the registered sites. 160by1, Ways2SMS, EzeeSMS etc are name of few sites which enable BULK SMS.

-          Requires a defined target group and budget-  Like every advertising campaign, BULK SMS campaign requires a defined target group and budget to deploy the campaign. Advertisers conduct demographic surveys to sort out the data for such campaigns. Depending upon the age, location or buying behaviour of its customers, BULK SMS advertisers promote their brands appealing to the defined TG.


BULK EMAIL is one of the common forms of internet advertising. This type of internet campaign use particular software(s) like BULK SMS advertising through mobile devices. Also known as group mail, this type of internet advertising is widely used by online advertisers and marketers to promote brands through online media.

Requisites of BULK EMAIL campaign

BULK EMAIL campaigns are launched only through internet. Internet plays the primary role to launch a BULK EMAIL Campaign. The first requisite of launching a bulk email campaign is to download the software which enables the advertiser to send bulk electronic mails to customers.  Whats more! The internet connection should be good enough for an uninterrupted campaign. Bad internet connection may be a hindrance for any bulk email campaign. Advertisers need to be sure that they are going to launch the campaign through high-speed internet media.



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