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It’s a modern OOH world!

by Oohadspecialist

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OOH or Outdoor Advertising trends have undergone a drastic change over the last few years. Gone are the days when outdoor advertisers used to deploy brand promotion campaigns through traditional billboards or posters. It’s a modernized OOH world today and modern tools of OOH advertising are widely used all around.


OOH advertising has stepped into the digital age. Conventional billboards have bid adieu, and today, large LED billboards are popping up in the hot markets, These LED billboards are proving to be quite a successful means of outdoor brand promotion.  Because of its large impact and proficient pricing, digital outdoor ads are preferred by most of the outdoor advertisers at present. In modern OOH Advertising, the bright LED Billboards set the tone for out of home brand promotion.


Another modern tool of outdoor advertising is LED digital-video billboards that provide premier highway exposure. Effective, targeted and flexible in nature, these LED digital-videos provide rich impact to the target groups as a new advertising medium. Myriad advantages of digital-video billboards include dynamic creative elements embedded with interactivity, guaranteed and scheduled display, clutter free advertising option, change ability of the ad for season, price, discount , content update or edition etc.


There are various forms of OOH advertising but billboard outdoor ads are the most popular of all times. Billboard ads started off with hand painted boards to promote a product or service. But today, the same billboards have evolved to high definition LED billboards offering greater flexibility of use as compared to traditional billboards. More flashy and glitzy in nature digital billboards also provide high resolutions which help audiences in viewing the product ads clearly.


Electronic kiosks, Translites, concourse window, free standing units, backlit translites, hoardings, central verge pillars etc. are other means of outdoor advertising which can be exclusively used for brand promotion.


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