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Diamond engagement rings – a comfort of commitment

by anonymous

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A diamond engagement ring is a must-have thing for a man seeking to listen to her say "Yes." Actually, it is predicted that the groom-to-be will invest an important amount of his wage on the diamond engagement ring and approx three months wages is the conventional among the Americans, Australians and much of European countries.


This was not the case before Twentieth century, it was more common for females to get a stitching thimble as a symbol of her beloved's commitment. The first jewelry, known as engagement ring has come in the Christian tradition from the ancient Roman traditions.  The first woman who received the diamond engagement ring was a duchess of the Low Countries, Mary of Burgundy and she got that in 1477.  Only female like about her position can have that at that time and for thousands of years diamonds were not the part of the engagement ceremony. Even the thought of including diamond engagement rings was not present at that time.


Even till 1930 the engagement trend was not much of discussing a topic between the couples. The show biz industry stars used the jewelry in their movies and in public, motivating the normal United States lady to take issues into their own hands. The growth of the diamond industry also made gemstones more affordable. Exploration and reducing techniques enhanced and introduced and down the cost of generating a cut and refined diamonds. By the 50's the biggest diamond stone mining company on the globe, De Beers Diamond Trading Organization, started a very effective advertising strategy that started out the globe to the idea that everyone could manage to have diamonds. The words "A Diamond is forever" became the concept of optimistic wedding brides.


Today, a thimble just not work: an approximated 80% of women living in western world get a diamond engagement ring in exchange for long term wedding vows. This number is constantly on the increase as access to diamonds gets easier. Many people now purchase a diamond stone from an online store and internet jewelers. Online diamond engagement rings are in a great demand these days.  Most on the internet retailers these days provide a much larger selection of online diamond engagement rings at a cheaper price. These rings are available in the various designs like single and double band engagement rings. Even now days double band engagement rings are in demand cause of its different design pattern.  Online sites have the advantage of reduced expenses since they do not have an expensive store to maintain. Many of the internet dealers complete these cost-savings on to customers --- making jewelry more affordable these days than they were prior to the internet shopping.


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