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Communication gap can break relations

by addamjacson

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There are many variations happens in human life because of the some reasons.  These reasons are responsible for some health problems in human life. A depression is most common serious problem by which every person suffered in his life.


 Depressions begin with some anxiety and mental problem which can effects mind and disturb nervous system. In this condition no one can feel better and become unhealthy in depression. Feel sadness and live upset every time.


The one who suffer from depression problem cannot think like normal person and cannot take any positive decisions. It can damage thinking problems of any person if getting depressed by some reasons. The most common reason in the world for getting depressed is failing in love, its problem for everyone who love most to someone but failed. Its great cause of depressions and relation at ending will also cause depressions problems. Every unsuccessful relation comes at ending and the depression begins with the breakup in relations. It can be many reasons of breakup like arguing, uncomfortable, unsatisfactory; not believing in each other can be reason of break up in any relationship and relations become at breakup.


it’s very important to have the courage to lead with the situation like broken heart otherwise it causes the problem of depressions. The one who is going to getting breakup in relationship must have courage to face any situation and fight with this situation to look forward after the breakup. Its very important to discuss on the matter why this breakup is happening and try to get better solution to reduce the breakup problems in life. Find the solution to avoid the things which involve the breakup problem which can. The communication gap in any relationship cannot become wide otherwise it create problem for breakup I relationship.



To avoid breakup in relations make manage effective communication between relations otherwise any relations can break. Continue in argument can change any positive mind and can break relations.  Always try to avoid argument every time which may result breakup and misunderstanding. Always try to lower the defensive attitude it will also helpful to manage the relations long time without any problem. Any type of leadership in relations can end the relationship avoid leadership.  Make life good and healthy and live life better but not with depression only with joy and happy and enjoy life full of fun. Taking any positive decisions can make good relation with friends and with love one who is very special for everyone in his life.


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