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Two Best Ways For Male To Have Better Masturbation

by adultmart

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So many things are there in the internet about masturbation. This is due to the quantity of pornography is now at the highest level in the internet. It will not be a wrong statement if I say that masturbation done by many people from the starting of puberty. It is a common thing for female masturbators and male masturbators to masturbate them. This is the statement of many doctors that a large number of people masturbate. In this article, we will discuss about the male masturbation. There are many more stories about masturbation from several past days. The discussions related to masturbation are reducing gradually. If you will look into the entire procedure of masturbation, you will find that it is nothing but a self-stimulation of the sex organ. By this procedure, a person gets a satisfied climax. Male masturbators do it by giving stroke and massage to their penis and the females do it by other different methods. For males the masturbation is done up to the final orgasm. Once upon a time, some communities prohibited the masturbation. Some people have an idea that masturbation is injurious and causes serious health problems. Now many doctors say that this is a normal thing.

        By the view of doctors, the masturbation is a safer option to get sexual satisfaction for them who have no sexual partners. Not only this is a safer option but also it is healthier for single persons. For male masturbators, there are not so many methods of procedure. Most male persons want to get different techniques of masturbation to be highly satisfied. Fisting procedure is one of the popular techniques that many male persons follow. The naming of this technique is fisting because in this process, you hold your penis and that seems as a fist around the erected penis. The best way to perform this is to use some sort of friction reducing lubricants. By the use of the friction, reducing lubricants a person gets rid of swelling or burning due to the rubbing of penis. Some people do not use these lubricants. They wait for the ejaculation of the Cowper’s fluid which when ejaculated acts as a friction reducing fluid. Cowper’s fluid is a pre ejaculatory fluid that is released by a man when he is sexually aroused. It is a preseminal fluid. This fluid is chemically composed similar to the semen. However, the difference is that the count of sperm is less in this fluid. In addition, this fluid is viscous and clear.

        Many male masturbators prefer another technique. In this process, the head of the penis is stimulated by hand. Once the penis is erected fully the fisting is done along with the penis head stimulation. In this process, both hands of the person remains engaged. In one hand, fisting is done and at the same time, penis-head stimulation is done. This process gives better climax with better ejaculation. Male persons mostly prefer these two methods.

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