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The history of Camel cigarettes

by anonymous

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In early 1913’s, as smoking became a trendy habit and many tobacco experiments had been done, the manufacturers  started to create new ways of consuming tobacco. Most cigarettes till then were hand rolled. That was the right time for pre-packaged cigarettes to be created and released. One of the pioneers in that field was the manufacturing of Camel cigarettes. People begin to buy Camel cigarettes, because they represented the great man’s values: passion for freedom and adventures, dignity and courage. These advertisements raised people’s interest and become an instant success.


Camel cigarettes are very popular nowadays being one of the best products invented in the tobacco industry. In the 1930s and 1940s smoking become popular despite the rising public logos and campaigns about health risks and cigarette smoking. However, smoker continued to buy Camel cigarettes, as they had a milder taste and suited all their smoking needs. The tobacco companies, however, tried to respond to those “quit smoking campaigns” in a strategic way. They involved physicians in advertising tobacco products directly. As a prove can serve one of the most popular advertising logo: “The doctor’s choice is America’s choice”. 


In our century Camels remain to be one of the best sold cigarette brand in the world. Men, women, young or old people, beginners or heavy smokers all buy Camel cigarettes being satisfied by their quality. Few smokers know what makes Camel cigarettes special and distinctive among other brands. Well early in 1913 Reynolds developed an innovation: the packaged cigarette. He worked to generate a flavour that would be more appealing than other past tobacco products - this way Camel cigarettes were generated.  Many smokers bought Camel cigarettes and didn’t even know that their favourite brand was composed of Turkish papers in imitation of then-fashionable Egyptian cigarettes.


Not only the quality and special composition of fine tobacco influenced people buy Camel cigarettes, but their packaging design impressed and attracted them, as well. On most packages of this brand showed a dromedary standing on desert sand with pyramids and palm trees in the background.


It is just impossible for smokers who understand what great quality – not to buy Camel cigarettes.  Just trying one single Camel cigarette and you’ll convince yourself why this brand belongs to 10 best-selling tobacco products in the world. The successful combination of high quality and cheap price is the basic reason why smokers will continue to buy Camel cigarettes forever.  

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