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Some Unique Benefits of a Restaurant Grease Fat Trap

by greasetraps

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You will easily figure out there are many companies that have installed commercial grease fat traps in all of their kitchens like the hotels and restaurants. Today these grease trap, also termed as a grease interceptor, has become one of the most important equipment for the kitchens of any restaurant. You must be thinking why holding these grease is so important?

It is basically done to catch or trap the oil, fat and grease from the wastewater which is also termed as FOG in short. It can be very harmful if gathered at one position in high quantities. Due to this waste the drains will block and also it can cause backflow of the waste. The process is more frequent in the winter days because the temperature of water decreases and the waste products gets hard much quicker.

If you want the grease fat trapsto function effectively and properly, then you have to clean it on a regular basis. Regular maintenance will stop bad smell, growing of bacteria, and harm to the drainage system and it make sure the FOG doesn’t enter the underground septic tank available in the backyard.

The biggest advantage of the fat trapis that it is very much environmental friendly. You will mark that many bigger size traps are functioning for many food manufacturing companies and big malls. It is expected that a highly capable grease trap will remove 98% of free-floating FOG from the waste materials from the water. If these are stored in the perfect manner, then it becomes ideal for recycling and then decomposing.

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