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Emergency Eyewash Stations : An Important Safety

by RinkenThmos

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Emergency Eyewash stations are one of the most important safety fixtures in industries where hazardous chemicals are handled. These chemicals can harm people’s eyes and hence it is very imperative to have eye wash stations which deliver a stream of water to the eye to wash away the chemicals and hazardous substance that could harm the eye or render a person blind.

When accidents take place sometimes it requires only seconds before serious or permanent eye damage takes place. Hence Emergency Eye stations need to comply with a number of safety codes. Workers are made aware and it should be located in a place easy for them to locate where the stations are located. Most factories install eye stations for the convenience of workers in case dust or chemicals get into their eyes. Chemical plants also need to install them so that if strong fumes or chemicals burn the eyes, eye stations can be utilized. In laboratories where handling of various chemicals and substances take place; these Eyes wash stations are very necessary. Hospitals use them to sanitize eyes for patients who undergo eye surgery. Dentists also use to help clean tooth debris that can damage if it gets into the eyes.

However emergency eye wash stations may provide only temporary relief to the patients whose eyes are irritable caused due to dust of chemicals, however if reddening persists, it is best to see a doctor. These Eye wash stations are essential to have a safe workplace. In an industrial setting it is absolutely necessary to maintain highest safety and protection for their employees. However in spite of safety goggles that are worn, accidents take place. In such instances, these eyewash stations reduce the employee chances of long term damage to their eyes because of the accident. The first fifteen minutes are essential to reduce the swelling or redness of the eye due to hazardous chemicals. The eye wash station needs to be located in a highly visible place.

Eye wash stations come in different designs, you could choose from wall mounted units, which is a super space serve and the water comes in a spray upward. The swing type is another cabinet mount, where the user swings the station down so that water can jet upwards into the eyes. Lab eye wash stations are mounted to goose neck faucets. Portable eye washes are for places where workers move around and where it is not practical for a permanent wall mount fixture.

Emergency eye wash stations provide instant decontamination. They allow the workers to flush the hazardous substances that can cause injury and permanent damage to their eyes. Accidental chemical exposure can occur in spite of good controls and safety precautions. Hence eye wash stations are necessary to minimize the effects of accidental exposure. Using a clean supply of flushing fluid under low pressure from eyewash stations are covered with guidelines. There are plumbed Eyewash stations which draw up tap water from the pipes in the building and portable eyewash stations which are self contained. The eye wash stations must have a flushing fluid temperature between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees F. to assist those who have accidentally have debris and chemicals in their eyes.

Rinken Thmos is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Eyewash stations and Emergency eyewash stations.

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