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Chalkboard Signs – Magnetic Boards, A-Boards, And A-Frame

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Using chalkboards for signage is a growing trend.  They are a fun and creative way to display a myriad of different things and they can be used just about anywhere.  They come in different styles and different sizes to fit any need.  One of the more popular styles among sidewalk shop owners and pubs is the a-frame chalkboard sign.


The a-frame chalkboard signs are a great eye catching piece to get patrons to visit your establishment.  They come in a variety of sizes, but even the smallest is large enough to stand on the ground.  Depending on the look you are going for, there are many different styles as well.  Some have frames for added style and some are plainer. 


One of the great parts about some of the a-boards is the interchangeable boards.  You can purchase the frame with several interchangeable boards and rotate your signage regularly.  Your sign can remain out in front of your business while a new one is being worked up.  The biggest advantage is there is no down time so you won’t miss any customers.


If you are lucky, you have your own artistic touch to do these a-boardsigns yourself.  However, they are quite time consuming.  Fortunately there are some local artists that specialize in chalk board signs.  You can make regular appointments to have your signs updated as needed.  Having the boards professionally done is the better way to go.


Another wonderful kind of board is the magnetic boardsChalkboards that are magnetic are regular, unframed chalkboards that have been painted with a special magnetic coating.  This allows you to still use chalks and chalkboard pens in it, but you can also stick magnets to it.  Use the magnets for a variety of things, including attaching notes.


These aren’t just great for businesses.  They are wonderful for homes and schools as well.  Magnetic boards are wonderful for kitchens because you can write notes right on it, as well as stick things to it with magnets so they don’t get lost.  Attaching school papers, event tickets, or special order forms are only a few of the things you can attach.


Magnetic boards are also wonderful as monthly calendars.  You can write in the dates each month and use magnets to note which day it is.  This is especially helpful when you are teaching small children how to use a calendar.  In fact, it is a bright visual for teaching may different things to small children.


Many teachers choose to use magnetic boardsin their classrooms as well.  It is a small investment that can be used for years and years in the classroom.  The possibilities are endless in its uses to teach lessons to children.  The teacher can also use it to help keep lessons organized and on task.


About Us: Chalk Board Signs is a self founded company run by owner and artist Carrie.  She has been artistically designing chalk board signs for more than 15 years and is quite passionate about it.  She provides blank and custom designed chalk board signs for a variety of businesses and occasions. To view available signs or to place your custom order, visit Chalk Board Signs online at


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