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Dealing with Aging Gracefully Through the Wonder of Botox

by laraineleet

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Anyone who pays any attention, however slight, to trends in popular culture would certainly have heard about "Botox injections" at least once in the last years or so. Meant to minimize muscle spasm, it is a trade name for botulinum toxin. It can now be harmlessly employed for a variety of spasmodic muscle conditions around the eye area, forehead, and other facial areas.

Botox solutions have been extensively and readily available since the Canadian Food and Drug Administration approved it for medical purposes in 1989 and as a cosmetic therapy in 2002. At least three million people experiencing a range of medical conditions have put themselves up for injections ever since. These are mainly maximized to reduce the link between the facial muscles and their nerves, particularly when frowning, which leaves wrinkles and creases. A medical practice administering particularly prepared Botox in Calgarycan aid with such treatments to preserve and refresh facial attributes amidst aging.

Making the Cut

Since Botox is a fragile substance, clients will have to be assessed for eligibility. The practitioner will tape-record the patient's whole case history and make note of his/her reasons for getting the injections. A number of issues can derail the evaluation completely. For instance, you may not be eligible for injections if you are allergic to any substances in the chemical or even other Botox-based products. A recent surgical treatment or illness that has influenced muscle control such as Lou Gehrig's disease and Lambert-Eaton syndrome can also be a deal-breaker.

If the patient was deemed qualified for the treatment, the doctor can talk about how many units of Botox will be administered on all areas of concern. Medical photoanalysis will identify which hotspots need action. The doctor can then inject the Botox with a mix of saline solution into the target part.

After the Needle

Although results of the procedures are noticeable within three days to a week after the operation, the specialist may advise for a follow-up visit two weeks post-hence. The customer will be given a post-care instruction sheet to follow. The before-and-after results will then be discussed at the follow-up checkup. The effect of the chemical will last for approximately four months, with correct care.

Individuals who deal with facial muscular issues need not fear taking injections of medical-grade botox in Calgary. The treatment itself is relatively pain-free and takes a short time to complete. For more information, visit

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