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Tips Regarding Choosing Mirrors for Your Bathroom

by miuganlee

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Small details make a
big impression, and more so in well used areas of your home. Using the right
mirrors can make or break a bathroom design, creating an open feeling and
enhancing the light fixtures. Find out how to decipher your style and discover
the best mirrors for your Bathroom Renovation
Virginia remodeling

The Ideal Placement

Mirrors span the
wall above the vanity, but are not limited to that area. Think about how the
natural light pours into this room and consider hanging mirrors across from
that space to spread sunlight around. Even a row of small framed mirrors will
help to reflect natural light into the balance of this room.

Pay attention to
privacy as well. Adding a large mirror could make more of the room visible from
the exterior, unless you install frosted privacy glass or adequate window
coverings. Be sure that mirrors do not encroach on privacy.

Remember to keep
mirrors off of the door for safety. Mount them securely onto the wall with
brackets and clips designed for this function. Mirrors are much heavier than
artwork, so avoid using a simple picture hook or mount and opt instead for
something substantial attached to wall studs.

Light fixtures and
storage systems can be mounted onto or through mirrors, creating a built in
look. Provide your electrician or contractor with this design up front to
ensure that all boxes and mounts are properly installed to suit this attractive

The Ideal Size

This depends
entirely on your bathroom design. Virginia bathroom remodeling projects that
aim for a traditional look often have dual sinks. This set up calls for dual
mirrors, large enough to crown each sink, yet not overpowering. More
contemporary bathroom designs lean toward larger mirrors that span from corner
to corner, transforming an entire wall into a reflective surface. The trick is
to find the size that brings balance to your design.

Pay attention to the
function of your bathroom as well. Bathrooms that double as dressing rooms
should be fitted with taller mirrors and wall-mounted shaving mirrors, while
utility bathrooms or main floor powder rooms can get away with minimal mirrors.

The Ideal Shape

Personal taste often
dictates the ideal shape. Mirrors come in a myriad of shapes, from the Standard
Square or rectangle to curves, ovals, circles, geometric shapes and free-form
mirrors. Designers can combine mirrors of different shapes to create a pattern
or accent an architectural feature, ending up with a custom shape that adds
beauty and style to your bathroom.

Function plays a
role here as well. For mirrors above the vanity sink, you need to choose a
shape that offers an adequate view. Installing a long, thin mirror or wavy
mirror strips may add to the design, but will present an impractical surface
for basic function. Shaving or make-up mirrors are often circular or framed to
provide a safe edge for pulling in and out of the wall mount. And winged
mirrors boast a larger middle section, with curved side mirrors to provide the
wing shape.

Choosing the right
mirror for your Virginia bathroom remodeling project may seem like an
insignificant detail, but this small element makes a big difference. Find the
mirror (or mirrors) that suit your tastes and the function, mount those mirrors
in the ideal location and the entire room will be transformed into a bright,
stylish space.

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