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Estetik , Liposuction (Liposuction)

by estetik878

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Estetik plastik cerrahi uzmanı Op. Dr. Yakup Avşar'ın estetik cerrahi, burun estetiği hakkında kişisel web sitesi. Estetik Plastik cerrahi hakkında bilgiler.

I've done aesthetic plastic surgery ( Estetik ) in the abdominal region, such
as tailor-made plan. Well as the evaluation of abdominal breasts, waist, back
and genital area as well, evaluating.

In this region, the skin, subcutaneous and muscle structure, I analyze the
three main compartment. The density of cracks in the skin, the skin appreciate
the abundance and folding. The accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue
layers of the placement and rethinking. Examined primarily in terms of muscle
structure and then do phytic vectors have indicated relaxation of muscles.

Muscles relax and hernias that occur during pregnancy and birth is different
from person to person, abdominal region, you can see the full extent of
loosening and relaxation when you take a full inhale. The most common abdominal
Estetik aesthetic surgery, tummy tuck
ameliatıdır done. Excess subcutaneous tissue under the skin-to-belly of this
operation in the area for the removed completely if there is a loss of cracks.
Move to its new location in the hub and the hub hole, build aesthetic.

Stomach liposuction is part of the region by applying a flat inceltiyorum be
brought back. If you have an aesthetic problem in the genital area makes more
sense to plan with the tummy tuck procedure, the same operation can be diluted
or even dolgunlaştırılabilir geniyal region. When muscle layer of pregnancy and
childbirth 'recti diastasis ani should also what we call the middle line
relaxation in pregnant ( Estetik )
women by collecting the aesthetics of the town and is suitable for refining and
preparing the ground for make my pit would get a core structure.

Tummy tuck surgery stretching down to the base of the breast to the chest area
steepening is concerned. In addition, some people in the period after
pregnancy, breast surgery, tummy tuck, during a state of collapse that occurred
pörsme and using gel breast implants in the chest area and upright shape,
bringing full-bodied without a trace, ie, the same operation, and both breasts
recovering from declines in both Keri moreover, is not no sign of breasts.
Belly after tummy tuck surgery not only no sign of the pit. Cesarean section
scar bikini line as a continuation of the line above and shall be reserved for
domestic çamaşıda.

Length of the line depends on the abundance of the skin in the abdomen and
waist. A stitch is self-absorbed and becomes uncertain in most people within 1
year. Excessive weight gain in patients with weight loss, then also the sagging
occurs in the legs and butt. In this case, tummy tuck, back tuck-in conjunction
with the removal of the butt (torsoplasty) would further stretch the abdomen.
'Fine aesthetic surgery' Estetik  rules of the healing process is too short to
fully practiced, the patient dies in the hospital one night, the next day,
after resting at home can make a comfortable way of private business.

Abdominal corset that I would recommend the use of short-term and do not
recommend it as long as possible. 7-10 days after the plane ride, and it can be
done in a phased manner to sport dönülebilir.Ameliyattan be started after 1

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