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Why a Professional Designer Must Have an Online Portfolio?

by pixpadesign

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Today, online marketing is one of the biggest techniques of making a product or service popular among the users and customers. Creating an online portfolio is something similar to the online marketing where a person displays his sample works to popularize his skills and to grab future projects. For a designer or for any person related to the creative field, a strong portfolio is quite crucial as through his collection of works he can lure the prospective clients. However, the portfolio website is the newest and one of the most powerful ways through which a designer can market his services and creativity.

Here are some of the advantages of possessing an online portfolio:

• Reflection of the creative process – A designer always creates something new and imaginative and the artistic approach he uses in his creation does not come in his mind always, hence that very creative piece should be preserved in a portfolio. At present, the online portfolio is quite popular in the creative world as it helps to maintain a live collection of work with all the processes and methods used to make a unique piece of art.

• Helps making personal brand –If you are a designer and wish to make your own brand then having an portfolio website is your biggest requirement. You can name your portfolio and create a brand name for yourself so that online customers know your work with your brand name.

• Easy display of work –
In this fast pace world no one has time to go through the physical portfolio or the hard copy of your creative works. In that case, you can show your clients your online portfolio and your clients can browse through your works as and when they need.

• Make connections –
Social media has entered in almost all fields then why designers are left behind. Being a creative professional, you can create a page for your brand and work online and can popularize it through social media to get exposure among maximum connections.

• Easily add on to your work – The physical portfolio creation is a tedious task as you need to put on your creativity all the time on a sheet of paper, but the digital portfolio gives you the advantage to simply add to your new work to the existing collection using the designing applications or software.

As large numbers of benefits are associated with the online portfolio for designers, it is highly recommended that every designer must possess a digital portfolio that is helpful for both client and designer. Moreover, the art and creative lovers can also be benefited with the amazing work collection of their preferred designers. The amateurs can easily study the expert’s designs and get inspiration to create their own portfolio to get success in the field of art and fashion.

Whether you are a fashion designer or a commercial artist or an interior designer; your digital portfolio must possess one thing that is professionalism. A professional looking online portfolio is the one that gets maximum exposure and praise hence gets the portfolio created through a trained website designer or a portfolio professional. The themes of your designs must also be unique so that your work stands apart from the crowd.

Summary: Online or digital portfolio for all types of designers is a boon as such display of work online gives a wide exposure to a creative mind. Additionally, the designer gets the maximum number of connections as the online world in vast and anyone can search the portfolio from anywhere. The designer must also mention his or her name and contact no. to the portfolio in order to receive the personal communication soon from the clients.

Pixpa lets you to create online portfolio website for designers,artists and photographers in order to let them showcase, share and sell their work online.

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