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Public cloud platform is a cost effective solution

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In today’s commercial business world, every industry is combating to get new profit margins and business benefits. Especially, IT industry is implementing several technologies to enhance their business efficiency and performance. Many IT organizations are developing these technologies and applications to implement the changes and to make the new business strategies to get more benefits. Cloud computing is the latest technology, which offers these computing services online. It is the trendy technology to support all the business requirements and offers several strategies and opportunities to improve the industrial performance. Cloud computing can offer several services to endorse the business management and performance. These are infrastructure a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). All these services are available online on the pay per use basis.

Cloud computing has three main deployment models; public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. In all these models, public cloud platform is easy to use as it is offered to the general users to manage their business. It can be used either for official use or for personal use as it is a cost effective business solution. Public cloud computing is scalable, flexible and provides IT enabled capabilities as a service to the outside customers using internet technologies. This platform can provide several services such as storage, virtual desktop, servers and many more to maintain the organizational data and other requirements.

Generally, pubic cloud is owned by the service providers to provide access to the various computer resources to other enterprises. It can be distributed to anyone, who wants to enhance their storage efficiency and to manage other requirements. Cloud users need not buy any computer resources like hardware, software and many more to support the business requirements. You will get everything with this platform to maintain the industrial requirements and to meet the entire organizational needs. This cloud can provide high-speed processing power and rapid access to the organizational information.

Cloud computing can act as the supporting infrastructure to maintain the high volume of data and to deliver the services faster. As it is the public cloud platform, general public can access this platform to get the computing services according to the usage. It is more scalable than other platforms to meet the entire business needs. It is easy to use and inexpensive as it saves the operational costs and total cost of ownership (TCO) by reducing other hardware and software resources.

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