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Need a NYC Divorce Attorney for a Contested Divorce in NY

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What to do if you are going through a Contested Divorce in New York and need a NYC Divorce Attorney


Divorce is one of the most difficult things anyone can go through in their lifetime.  If both parties are amicable with each other, it can be less painful.  But when both spouses are in disagreement over how to settle the divorce, it is far more complicated and an NYC divorce attorney is advised to help.


A contested divorce in New York is one of the most complicated type of divorces.  With emotions running high, financial issues, and quite often children’s custody involved, there are many serious issues to deal with.  Professional intermediaries are required to help come to a peaceful agreement.


When looking for a divorce attorney in NYC there are many things to consider, primarily a lawyer who will help you make balanced and informed decisions which helps the process to go as smooth as possible.  The more experience they have with contested divorces in New York, the better.


Each divorce case is different and unique.  With a contested divorce in New York, the proceedings can take much longer than an uncontested divorce, and it is difficult to predict the course of your own case.  But having a neutral professional with contested divorce expertise is your biggest advantage.


A NYC divorce attorney can inform you of your legal rights and make sure you are fully protected through these proceedings.  It is important you are completely honest with your attorney with all the key facts so he can properly analyze your case and give you appropriate and professional advice.


If you are the one starting action for a contested divorce in New York, there is a fee of $210 to commence proceedings.  You will then be deemed the ‘plaintiff’ and your spouse is the ‘defendant’.  The Plaintiff will serve a summons to the Defendant who will hire an attorney if they are contesting.


With both parties requiring a divorce attorney in NYC for a contested divorce, it is important to choose wisely.  There are plenty of attorneys available for your individual needs.  You want someone who is both compassionate and experienced to help you through these difficult, complex proceedings.


There’s no doubt that contested divorces can turn ugly.  With complex cases, proceedings can go on for months and months.  Choose a NYC divorce attorney that is a good listener and helps you be decisive and offers cost-efficient ways to get the fairest result for both you and your spouse.


About Us:  If you are looking for compassioned and experienced representation for your divorce, we have the determination and expertise to help you through this difficult time.  With a high success rate and clients mostly resulting from referrals, we understand and protect your rights as a client and as a person.  Visit our website at or call us on 646 237-7850 for more information.


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