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Streambank Restoration

by weaverexpress

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Streambanks are some of the most sensitive environments when it comes to land use changes. When land near streambanks is developed or otherwise disturbed, erosion of a streambank is accelerated. Eroding streambanks are a major source of sediment pollution in waterways. Additionally, the accumulation of sediment from accelerated erosion is responsible for flooding and degradation of water quality.

Stabilizing and restoring a streambank can prevent accelerated erosion, help maintain stream balance and protect the environment. Additional benefits of streambank restoration include:

• Preventing the loss of soil and vegetation near the stream

• Reduce sediment loads to streams

• Maintain the stream channel

• Protect the stream habitat for fish and wildlife

While the importance of stream bank stabilization and restoration is known, streambanks, pond edges and other riparian areas typically offer challenges in establishing a long-term vegetative cover to prevent erosion. A variety of products for streambank restoration are available, however the use of compost-based products has emerged as a green (environmentally-friendly) highly recognized best management practice (BMP).

Filtrexx® has revolutionized the use of compost based materials for streambank restoration through their variety of effective and flexible products. 

Filtrexx® Bank Stabilization

The Filtrexx® Bank stabilization is a vegetated, soft armoring system that was designed to stabilize streambanks and prevent erosion. The Bank Stabilization system is comprised of a heavy duty tubular mesh matrix that provides essential structural protection, erosion control and vegetative growth in one product. Like other soft armoring devices (brush mattresses, coconut fiber logs, turf reinforcement mats), the system can withstand storm runoff velocities and hydraulic shear stresses. However, the injected GrowingMedia™ and optional drip tape irrigational system provide the added benefit of ensuring the establishment and sustainability of plantings and seeds.

Filtrexx EdgeSaverTM System

The Filtrexx® Modular EdgeSaver™ combines the effectiveness of the Filtrexx® FilterSoxxTM with a Growing Media to create a versatile, customizable solution for protecting and vegetating eroded streambanks and slopes. This product combines streambank protection with long-term vegetative establishment capabilities. Additionally, the Filtrexx® Modular EdgeSaver™ offers continuous unbroken protection, preventing the forces of water from rendering the streambank stabilization product ineffective.

In addition to providing an effective solution to streambank erosion and vegetative protection, compost-based Filtrexx® products are cost effective to install and provide and aesthetically-pleasing low profile look. Compost-based materials are an effective choice for streambank stabilization since they can retain large volumes of water, aiding in the re-establishment of vegetation.

Weaver Express is a leading installer of Filtrexx® compost based erosion control products. In Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and neighboring states, the experienced team at Weaver Express is ready to provide solutions to your streambank stabilization and restoration project needs.

Additionally, with a full line of palletized Filtrexx® products, you can have the quality of Filtrexx® erosion control products on your project at any location.

Contact the qualified project team at Weaver Express at 866-396-8524 or to discuss your project needs today.

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