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Top Travel Experiences in Tibet I

by fangrace

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Tibet is one of hot tourist destinations in China and always included in tour plan of China travel. The following introce you the top travel experience in Tibet.

1. Mt Kailash, Western Tibet
Worshipped by over a billon Buddhists and Hindus, Asia’s most holy mountain rises from Barkha plain like a giant four-side 67114 meters chörten. Thrown in the stunning nearby Lake Manasarovar and a basin that forms the source of four of the Asia’s greatest rivers. And who is not to say this place really the center of the world? Travel here to the world’s most beautiful and remote corners brings and added bonus: the three-day pilgrim path around the mountain erases the sins of lifetime.

2. Potala Palace

Potala Palace is one of must-sees in Tibet and is always listed as destination of best China tours . Potala Palace is reputed as the “Pearl of the World’s Roof” and the landmark of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It collects a number of relics and artwares. It is simply hard to take your eyes off the thing. A visit to the former home of Dalai Lama is a spiralling descent past gold-tombed chapel, reception rooms and prayer halls into the bowel of a medieval castle. It is nothing less than the concentrated spiritual and material of a nation.


3. Jokhang Temple, Lhasa


Located in the center of Lhasa, Jokhang Temple is built in Tang Dynasty and enshrined the statue of Sakyamuni which was brought to Tibet by Wencheng Princess. Because of this statue, Lhasa is regarded as the “Holy Land”. With four-storey high, roof and arch is characterized by the Han style and watchtowers and pilars is Tibetan style.

Queues of wide-eyed pilgrims shuffle up and down the stairways, past medieval doorway and milliennium-old murals, pausing briefly to top up the hundreds of butter lamps that flicker in the gloom.

4. View of Mt Everest

Tibet has the most beautiful and best view of the world’s most famous mountain - Mt Everest. The view of unobstructed north face framed in the prayer flags of Rongphu Monastery or from a tent at the Base Cape will stop in your track. But for tourists with moderate health condition, Mt Everest is a big challenge. So many tourists only travel to Lhasa area for China travel deals.
5. Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery is locate at the foot of Habu Mountain, on the north bank of Yarlung Tsango, Samye Town, Zalang County, South Tibet. Tibet’s first temple is a heavily sybolic collection of chapels, chörtens and shrines arranged around a medieval Chinese- and Tibet-style temple called Üster. The monastery collects the cultural heritages related with history, religion, architecture, mural and sculpture. Samye Monstery is the one of treasure houses of the early old and unique culture of Tibet.


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