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ASX Australia – ASX charts and ASX listed companies

by Callput

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The ASX Australia is the market that allows people to buy and sell shares of a commodity.   When trading shares of commodities, there are certain companies that allow put and call options.  Put and call options are contracts made between sellers and buyers.  Sellers are often called writers, while buyers are often called takers.


Put and call options are contracts that set a price per share of a commodity.  Each option has an expiration date.  The taker has to purchase the options prior to the expiration date in order to receive the held price.  Not all companies offer put and call options.  There is a specific list of ASX listed companies that allow these contracts.


There are currently 73 ASX listed companies that offer Extended Trade Options (ETO).  These companies have particular information about them listed publically so brokers can determine how and when to offer Extended Trade Options.  Some of the information is historical data that shows put and call ratios and historical volatility.


Put and call ratios are determined by dividing the number of put options by the number of call options.  This number is important to ASX Australia because it helps investors to determine the anticipated price development of the market.  Historical data is not a guarantee of the future, but it does aid in making educated decisions.


Historical volatility is determined in different time increments.  It is usually charted for 10, 20, and 30 days.  The purpose of charting historical volatility is to forecast probability in future price fluctuations.  It is one of the main components in ASX charts provided for each company that offers Extended Trade Options.


ASX charts are a compilation of the forecasting data for all of the ASX approved companies offering Extended Trade Options.  It compares historical volatility against actual price.  It also compares put and call volumes against the option volume.


You may now wonder where you can obtain the list of companies offering Extended Trade Options or ASX charts.  You can contact your broker for this information or you can seek it out yourself.  Much of this information is readily available online.  There are some software programs that also offer this data.


The ASX Australia works hard to keep your personal information safe.  None of your personal information in regards to ASX is public.  Information about your personal activities and watch lists are kept private and secure.  However you can personally obtain this information any time by using your own personal secure login.


About Us: Callput is an online company that provides free stock charts to use or download.  The charts list volatility, call/put ratio, movements, and open volume, and are for ASX listed companies that offer Exchange Traded Options.  With no software to install, these charts are fast and easy to use.  For more information, visit them online at today.

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