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How Can Article Writing Improve My Income?

by weaton4

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Article writing is a powerful long-term method for both generating traffic and building backlinksto your primary website.

Writing quality articles and then submitting them to article directories – assuming you’ve included backlinks from your articles to your website – will build authority and reputation in the eyes of your readers.


If somebody’s searching online for information and they happen to come across one of your articles, and your article is giving them exactly what they’re looking for, then they’re going to view you as an expert on whatever the subject matter may be.

The income generation aspect of article writing doesn’t come directly from the article itself, at least not when it’s on an article directory.


Most article directories have policies against backlinking your articles directly to affiliate offers and salesletters, but what you can do is feed them back to your website, which – so long as you’ve played your cards right – can be just as good, if not better in the long-term.

Providing Value with Article Writing


The only way you’re ever going to be seen as an authority through your article writing efforts is if you actually give the reader quality information.

Plenty of articles on the Internet are worthless regurgitated nonsense that’s thrown together by a cheap article writer, and these articles are rarely ever designed to be read; only to generate backlinks


There’s a massive flaw with this approach to article writing.

First, there’s no value being provided, and so the effectiveness of the article itself is non-existent except to get link juice.


Second, when Google algorithms update and are able to weed out worthless articles, the links will be seen a spam and the website receiving the backlinks from the shoddy articles will actually decrease in search engine ranking due to all the “spammy” backlinks pointing to it.

Your goal should be to be shooting for the long-term, to provide value, and to build a name for yourself, a brand.  Doing this may not pay as quickly in the short-term…

..but it WILL improve your income through quality traffic and readers who are interested in what you have to say, trust you more, and thus are more willing to buy or invest in whatever services or products you’re selling.


Staying On Track

Don’t let your article writing efforts become scrambled or confusing…

…don’t try to take on too many subjects in too few words.


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